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We always recommend our readers and customers to inform themselves before actually using a compound. If you are planning to use Arimidex and you decided to firstly read this article, that’s an amazing idea. Here you would find more information about Arimidex dosage and that’s amazing as you would know how to properly administer the compound which would increase the effectiveness and decrease the possible side effects.

Is highly recommended to read and inform about every single compound that you are about to administer. Be it an OTC medicine, a prescription drug or an anabolic steroid. How to use it, what to expect out of it in terms of efficacy and side effects, how it works etc. is always welcome.

First thing to mention is that Arimidex is an orally active compound. This means that customers can simply use it by swallowing pills. The active substance in Arimidex is Anastrozole, all products that you can find on our website at containing Anastrozole are orally active (and they are lowest priced with highest quality compounds!) sold as brand name Anazole instead of Arimidex, so, by taking those pills, you would lower your estrogen levels.

Anazole by Alpha Pharma

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If Anazole – Arimidex (Anastrozole) was prescribed to you by your doctor for whatever condition, we highly recommend to use it exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take more or less and do everything as said by the doctor.

In case you need Arimidex – Anazole for bodybuilding purposes, in order to get the estrogenic protection during the aromatized steroid cycle then doctors won’t help.

But you can learn more online here and this would help with your needs.

Is important to keep in mind that the half life of Anastrozole is about 46 hours, this means that the compound tends to build up in the system when is being used daily. That’s why, Anastrozole products can be used either on a daily basis, or on an every other day in case you find that every day administration is too much for you.

KEEP IN MIND! Is extremely important to remember that AnazoleArimidex dosage is steroid dose dependent.

  • What we’re trying to say is: if you’re a man going through a steroid cycle with multiple highly aromatizable steroids in high doses (for example – 50 mg a day of Dianabol and 50 mg a day of Oxymetholone) is quite obvious that you would need more estrogen suppression compared to a steroid cycle with a single aromatizable steroid in low dosage (for example, testosterone alone used about 350 mg a week).


That’s why, the higher the aromatization of the steroid and the higher the dosage – the more dosage of aromatase inhibitor you would need.

With this being said, dosages of Arimidex – Anazole will vary from a person to another. In order to determine the perfect dosage, is recommended to run a blood work. This would find the perfect balance.

But is highly recommended to start with a low dosage in order to check how the compound works for you. Some people may tolerate it better than others. Also, you would allow your body to get accustomed to it and would see if you don’t have allergies to it.

  • Is highly recommended to have Anazole – Arimidex on hand just in case and the dosage should be started at about 0.5 mg every other day.

You need to start the Arimidex (Anastrozole) administration as soon as you start using aromatizable steroid, if you already have gyno or excessive water weight, it could be too late.

  • In the end, general Anazole –Arimidex dosages for men fall in the range of 0.5 mg every other day up to about 1 mg on a daily basis. Rarely someone needs higher doses for estrogenic protection. Most men are good enough with 1 mg every other day and even 0.5 mg every other day.

Do not use too much dosages as this would suppress too much of your estrogen and that’s going to lead to side effects.

Anazole by Alpha PharmaArimidex can be purchased for a very low price from this website at as brand Anazole. You would get the highest quality Anastrozole in existence and taken in consideration that you would need Arimidex dosage for quite a while (entire steroid cycle) saving good amount of money on each pill is a big win.

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How Much Will Clomid Raise Testosterone?

Clomid containing the active substance Clomiphene Citrate is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and alongside with Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) they form up anti estrogens. Therefore, Clomiphene Citrate found in Clomid is an anti estrogen alongside with many other medicines out there but is actually used for treating infertility in women and is considered one of the strongest Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medicines in existence.

That’s because Clomid is known to increase testosterone levels. If you’re searching for Clomid for women for infertility, then your doctor is capable to explain you everything that you need about this compound in terms of its use for infertility.


Clomid is offered as brand name Promifen by Alpha Pharma. You can use this site to obtain best quality Clomiphene Citrate as brand Promifen and make sure is the same Clomid, yet is less costly.

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In terms of Promifen –Clomid for estrogen protection (both for men and women) the compound is rarely used for such needs. That’s because Clomid is considered a fairly weak estrogen protective compound, at least compared to other options. That’s why, Promifen – Clomid may be used and is sometimes used for treating or preventing gynecomastia among men, but that’s rarely. And is extremely rarely used for treating breast cancer among women due to estrogen levels.

  • As a result, we have Clomid for men for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – the main use of Clomiphene Citrate in bodybuilding world and what made it be so famous. Clomid is actually considered one of the most powerful and most effective Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medicine and with this being said, is quite obvious that Clomid can raise testosterone levels very much and very efficiently.

A lot of men are wondering:

How much will Clomid raise testosterone?

How much will it helps when they actually use it?

And that’s obvious so many people wonder this, as many of them want to know how much will Clomid – Promifen increase their T levels. Well, it very much depends on various factors. For example, Clomid will raise your testosterone levels based on your initial testosterone levels as well as on the dosage of Promifen – Clomid.

According to most people results who have already used Clomid (Promifen), they share that a dosage of 50-100 mg a day is going to be enough to do the perfect job in raising your testosterone levels. This means, that this dosage is going to do a great job in raising testosterone enough.


But there are studies done on Clomid which prove that a dosage of about 150 mg a day of Clomiphene Citrate is going to increase the testosterone levels by an amazing result of 150%.

There are people who intended to increase the testosterone levels even higher so they were using extremely big dosages of about 200 mg and even 300 mg a day. Nonetheless, such a high dosage is absolutely not necessary.

  • In fact, any dosage that is going over the 200 mg a day is going to greatly increase the chances of side effects and is not clear if such higher dosages would further increase the testosterone levels. Even if so, that’s not worth it. Clomid – Promifen raises testosterone very efficiently even at lower dosages and there’s no need to increase the dosage which is not known whether would it further increase efficiency, but is a sure fact that would increase the side effects.

Clomid – Promifen (Clomiphene Citrate) increases testosterone levels based on various factors such as what is your natural level of testosterone, what dosage of Promifen – Clomid you want to administer, how you respond to Clomiphene, what is your lifestyle (diet, exercise regimen etc.) including many other factors.

promifen-clomid-alphaIn the end, there are very low chances to find anything better than Clomid – Promifen for your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) needs. In fact, the compound is so powerful that many who used Clomiphene for their PCT reported getting too high testosterone levels side effects such as: acne, hair loss, aggression, water retention, hypertension and others.

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Clomid (Promifen) raises testosterone levels enough for you to restore back your natural hormonal balance. But in order to achieve it, you need to have a high quality Clomiphene Citrate. You can buy it directly from our website at as brand Promifen. You get the highest quality and purity Clomiphene Citrate and you save a lot of money as we offer Clomid for sale for the lowest price.

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