What is Testobase by Alpha Pharma?

Testobase by Alpha Pharma Testobase is the brand name of an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is manufactured by Alpha Pharma. In order to understand this product and what you can expect out of using it, we need to understand what is the active ingredient of the compound and what we can expect out of it.

Testobase is one among many others brand / trade names for the active substance Testosterone Suspension. Testobase is manufactured by Alpha Pharma and the advantage of Testobase by Alpha Pharma over other brands also offering Testosterone Suspension is the very high quality of the product with high purity level combined with very low price.

This means that a person who is searching for a Testosterone Suspension product, Testobase by Alpha Pharma is the best what he can get because of the price to quality ratio. Hopefully it is clear what Testobase is, but now, what is Testosterone Suspension?

Testosterone Suspension is just a non esterified Testosterone derivative which, unlike the many different esterified version of Testosterones coming in oil based solutions, this one is water based. This means that the product is coming as pure as it is possible offering the purest testosterone without esters attached. What are the esters?

The attached ester to the main hormones (it can be testosterone or many others) are meant to delay the half life of the compound by delaying the release in the system of the hormone after it got administered. Each hormone is having their own half life, but the ester delays the release therefore delaying the half life. The esters do not have any other roles.

So, since the Testobase containing Testosterone Suspension is water based, it is having very short half life and that’s why more frequent injections are needed.

Anyway, this compound is used only in bodybuilding industry and is used for stimulating the androgen receptors and is used to do so immediately. Since Testosterone is very powerful and required for muscle growth, the compound is used for growing muscle mass and strength in a very short period of time.

This is the most powerful form of testosterone that you can purchase which would lead to extremely fast muscle mass and strength levels increases.

Testobase Half Life | Testosterone Suspension Half Life

Testobase containing Testosterone Suspension does not have an attached ester, as mentioned, this means that the half life of the product is the half life of pure testosterone. With this being said, the half life is going to be 2-4 hours.

This steroid is extremely powerful, but it requires multiple injections per day.

What Does Testosterone Suspension Do? | Testobase Effectiveness

Testosterone Suspension is working in the exact same way as any other esterified testosterone compound that you might be familiar with such as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate since you receive the exact same compound – Testosterone.

Testobase is extremely effective because by offering Testosterone Suspension, the compound is offering purest testosterone which is extremely powerful. This is the most powerful and effective testosterone compound but it has its drawbacks. It quickly builds up in the system and is working very fast with very powerful effects, however it is being used up very quickly too, meaning very frequent injections would be required.

It works in the same way as all other steroids by binding to the androgen receptor and therefore secreting its potency. When it does so, it offers a number of benefits and some of the most notorious ones include: muscle growth thanks to protein synthesis and nitrogen retention; strength increases; improved athletic performance, offers a positive anabolic environment; and is offering many other positive effects.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle | Testobase Administration

Taking in consideration that Testobase containing Testosterone Suspension is a water based solution meant for intramuscular injection, the compound must be injected multiple days per day because of its short half life. Is recommended to use a dosage of anywhere between 50 mg up to about 100 mg a day. This means that the total daily dosage should be scheduled to be injected multiple times throughout a day.

In total, that would be more in the range of 350 up to 700 mg a week which is going to be perfect. Cycle lengths are anywhere in between 4 to about 6 weeks due to its short half life. Also, since it works so quickly, there’s no need for an oral kickstarter as with the long based form of Testosterone like Testosterone Enanthate.

Testobase can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles, it very much depends on what other steroids are used with Testosterone Suspension and the dosage. Usually, bulking cycles require higher doses. Very often, testosterone is stacked with other steroids such as Winstrol, Dianabol, Boldenone and many others.

Testobase Side Effects | Testosterone Suspension Side Effects

Every anabolic and androgenic steroid is coming with negative side effects and testosterone is no exception. Side effects of Testosterone Suspension are exactly the same as if the individual is getting too much testosterone and the body reacts negatively. Except for this, the only side effects possible are irritation to the injection site and natural testosterone inhibition because the body receives signals that is producing too much testosterone and it stops producing it on its own.

Warming the injection would help with the irritation while a PCT plan is always required to avoid low testosterone condition after you stop using Testobase.

In the end, side effects might include: hypertension, estrogenic side effects such as water retention, gynecomastia and many others, androgenic side effects such as male pattern hair loss, oily skin, acne, getting easily irritated, aggression and some others. You might also receive negative effects on your cholesterol values and there might be some negative effects on your cardiovascular health too.

Remember that there might be other negative side effects not mentioned here but the side effects are mainly related to the dosage. Reducing the dosage is usually going to reduce the side effects. start slowly and increase the dosage only if you can feel you would be able to tolerate more and you need more.

There are also various methods to avoid getting side effects or reducing them. Cycle supporting supplements, PCT plan, healthy lifestyle are only a few of them – but these are very important to implement.

Where to Buy Testosterone Suspension For Sale? | Buy Testobase by Alpha

Testosterone Suspension for sale can be purchased directly from this page on this website selling Alpha Pharma products. You can buy this purest and most powerful form of Testosterone Suspension from here absolutely without any issues and every customer is ensured to get the highest quality combined with the lowest price by getting Testobase by Alpha Pharma.

Testosterone is the most important and the essential hormone required for growing lean muscle mass, losing body fat and increased overall performance and strength levels. Since Testobase offers purest form of testosterone, is quite obvious that all these indicators would be greatly boosted and you can achieve all of this extremely fast since the compounds builds up in your system like no other form of Testosterone.

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