What is Aromex by Alpha Pharma?

Aromex by Alpha Pharma Aromex is the brand name of the medication that might be better known as Aromasin and that’s because both Aromasin and Aromex are containing the same active substance Exemestane – a medication that is used in medical settings for treating breast cancer in women. However, it still has its place in bodybuilding industry which we are going to talk about later.

Aromasin is the most famous brand / trade name for Exemestane but there are many other brand names too, including Aromex which is manufactured by Alpha Pharma. This is a famous pharmaceutical company which gained trust and popularity for offering high quality medications and steroids. Aromex is one of those medications and the difference between this compound and Aromasin is only in the manufacturing company and the price.

Aromex by Alpha Pharma offers highest quality Exemestane for the lowest price you can find. With this being said, you save a lot of money while get Aromasin but as the brand Aromex. In the end, what’s exactly this medication that is used for treating breast cancer for women, but is also used by bodybuilders?

The compound is a member of aromatase inhibitor (AI) type of medications and therefore is an anti estrogen. In anti estrogen class of drugs we can also include Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) such as Nolvadex and Clomid which are also known to deal with estrogenic issues, but the mechanism of action and how they address the issue is very different from Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) like ExemestaneAromasin or AnastrozoleArimidex.

This medication has been approved by USA FDA back in 1999 and has become very popular all around the world. In bodybuilding, the compound is used during the cycle with aromatizable steroids as an estrogenic protection in order to deal with the estrogen related side effects.

How Long Does Exemestane Stay in Your System? | Exemestane Half Life

Exemestane found in Aromasin or Aromex is a medication that is having a half life of approximately 25-27 hours or so. Every compound is staying in the system for twice as much as is the half life because the half life is indicating the amount of time required for half of the medication to be flushed out of the body. With this being said, Exemestane would stay in your system for approximately 54 hours or so.

This is the reason why using this compound every other day or maximum once a day is going to be enough to maintain stable blood levels.

Aromex Uses | What is Exemestane Used For? | What is Aromasin Used For?

As it was mentioned, Aromex or Aromasin containing Exemestane are used in medical settings for breast cancer treatment. There are certain breast cancers that require estrogen to grow and when estrogen is reduced, breast cancer is treated or is stopped from growing. Exemensta is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) and by inhibiting the estrogen, the growth is stopped.

Because of the same mechanism of action, Exemenstane is used for dealing with estrogenic related side effects during the use of certain anabolic and androgenic steroids that are considered aromatizable and often called “wet” steroids. Those are steroids that convert into estrogen such as testosterone, boldenone, nandrolone, Dianabol and others.

Not properly controlling the estrogen leads to such side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, hypertension and others.

Also, as mentioned, Aromasin or Aromex is a suicidal AI which means that is going to permanently disable the aromatase enzyme as soon as it binds to it. Other AIs are not suicidal meaning that they are only temporary stopping the aromatization. “Estrogen rebound” is a risk with such compounds but is not with Aromex containing Exemestane.

Generally, the compound is very effective reducing the estrogen levels by about 85% and by reducing the estrogen, the user is receiving all the required benefits when the estrogen must be lowered.

Aromex Administration | Exemestane Dosage | Aromasin Dosage

The dosage of Aromex or Aromasin containing Exemestane is highly dependable on a number of factors, first off it depends on the individual but also on the amount of the aromatizable steroids that the person is using during his cycle.

We recommend to start slowly and only increase if you feel that you can tolerate more and you need more estrogenic protection, otherwise you risk to inhibit too much estrogen and this would lead to negative side effects.

In most cases, a dosage of 12.5 mg used every other day is a good starting point. You might increase the dosage for up to about 25 mg per day. Most people find this dosing range perfect.

By using higher doses of aromatizable steroids you might require higher doses, but there are very few cases when a person requires more than 25 mg a day. The compound is used during the entire cycle with the aromatizable steroids.

Aromex Side Effects | Exemestane Side Effects | Aromasin Side Effects

Aromex side effects are mainly related with the too high doses used. When an individual is taking too high dose of Exemestane, too much of his estrogen level are inhibited and this is leading to negative side effects too such as low libido, insomnia, depression, erectile dysfunction and others. plus to that, even estrogen is required for growing muscles too.

Generally, side effects of using Aromasin for bodybuilders are very rarely occurring and that’s because men do not require as high doses as females for breast cancer and not for so long periods of time as females need it.

AromasinAromex for bodybuilders is taken in low doses for short periods of times (during a steroid cycle) and therefore side effects are very rarely seen when used in normal doses.

As said, using too much would lead to negative side effects out of too low estrogen. In addition to that, there are some guys who said that they are getting joint pains too, but it was reported that lowering dose is going to help with this side effect too.

In the end, using aromatizable steroid without an estrogenic protection such as Aromex is much more likely to offer much worse and nastier side effects than using Aromex as needed.

Get Aromex by Alpha | Where to Buy Exemestane 25 mg? | Buy Aromasin Sale

Aromex by Alpha Pharma is the exact same medication as the famous Aromasin but is offered for a much lower price. Customers can get Aromasin sold as Aromex by Alpha Pharma directly from this website from this page and they are going to receive a very high quality Exemestane product.

Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are playing a very important role in the bodybuilding world because those who are planning to use aromatizable steroids like for example the famous Dianabol or some Testosterone based steroids they need to think about getting Aromex or at least some form of estrogenic protection.

However, since Aromex contains Exemestane which is a suicidal AI, we recommend the compound because is extremely beneficial, without nasty side effects, very low in terms of price, high in terms of quality and is not allowing for estrogen rebound.

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