What is Zopilex by Alpha Pharma?

Zopilex by Alpha Pharma Zopilex is the brand name of the medication manufactured by Alpha Pharma which is containing the active substance Zopiclone. The compound might be better known by some people as Imovane as this is the most famous brand name for Zopiclone but the compound might be sold as many other trade names too such as Zimovane, Dopareel and many others.

In the end, Imovane (and any others) and Zopilex are the exact same product all containing high quality Zopilex. Make sure that not all brands of Zopiclone are offering high quality and purity active substance which are considered fake medications.

However, Zopilex by Alpha Pharma is the high quality medication which is going to work as needed since is a high quality drug offering Zopiclone. The difference between Zopilex and Imovane, however, is in the price where customers are allowed to save a lot of money by getting Zopilex.

Alpha Pharma is a famous pharmaceutical company which obtained huge trust from a lot of people all over the world for offering high quality medications for very low prices allowing them to get the medications they need for low prices. So, with Alpha Pharma products (which you can obtain from this website), you can be sure you get high quality drugs and you won’t overpay for them.

So, Imovane or Zopilex containing Zopiclone as active substance is a nonbenzodiazepine type of drug that is used for treating sleeping issues including for bodybuilders and athletes having this health issue.

In fact, Zopiclone is molecularly different from denzodiazepine medications and is being classified as a cyclopyrrolone. Zopiclone drugs are being known as “Z Drug” and there are other Z drugs such as Zolpidem and Zaleplon.

In the United States, this compound is not commercially available, despite the fact that its active stereoisomer called eszopiclone is available. The compound might be hard to obtain because is a controlled substance in many countries including US. However, obtaining it is very easy now taking in consideration that you have this website at your disposal offering high quality drugs from Alpha Pharma.

Alpha Pharma’s Zopilex is coming in form of tablets (as any other brands of Zopiclone) containing a pack of 3 strips each with 10 tablets forming a total of 30 tablets of Zopiclone containing 7.5 mg.

What is Zopiclone Used For? | Zopilex Uses

Zopilex or Imovane containing Zopiclone are being used for insomnia issues or other trouble sleeping issues and therefore Zopiclone is a sedative. The compound is used by people with various professions but is also used by bodybuilders too.

Although this medication is rarely used by athletes and bodybuilders, the medication is still being used by them in order to improve the quality of sleep and therefore being able to better perform during the training sessions.

Zopiclone is increasing the normal transmission of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system by modulating the benzodiazepine receptors in a similar way that benzodiazepine medications are working.

This compound is working by causing the depression or tranquilization of the central nervous system and therefore allowing the user to sleep. Nonetheless, is important to remember that the use of the compound should be limited because after a prolonged use, the body might get used to the effects of zopiclone and that’s why withdrawals symptoms may appear if the compound is stopped abruptly.

Zopiclone Dosage | Zopilex Administration

Zopilex or Imovane containing Zopiclone is an orally active medication that is meant for oral use on an as needed basis. The compound is having a half life of anywhere between 3.5 up to 9 hours depending on a number of factors but the liver function is the most important one. Elder people over 65 years are considered receive a half life of about 7-9 hours out of using Zopiclone while adults a half life of approximately 5 hours.

This means that a single administration would provide Zopiclone being active in your system for about 10 hours, although by this time there’s too little amount left for the compound to work properly.

The compound is used for the short treatment of insomnia only as long term use is not recommended. Taking in consideration that a tablet is coming in form of 7.5 mg, that’s the dosage that should be attempted to be used. Do not use more (2 tablets or even more) because overdose might be problematic).

Use the compound only when getting sleep is a problem. Do not use 2 tablets or more at the same time and do not attempt long term usage of the compound. Long term use is leading to tolerance, dependence and addiction to Zopiclone.

Zopiclone Side Effects | Zopilex Side Effects

Zopiclone found in Zopilex does offer side effects and that’s another reason why abusing the compound is never a good idea. Side effects are usually dose dependent and also depending for how long you have been using the product.

Is important to understand that sleeping pills such as Zopiclone have been associated with the risks of death which is occurring when overdosing or / and used alongside with other compounds. The compound has been reported to have the following side effects: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dry mouth as well as taste disturbances (there are people reporting to get metallic like taste), headaches, depression, nightmares, hallucinations, confusion, sleep walking and other side effects.

In addition to that, the user using it for a prolong period of time is going to get tolerance which means that the product is less effective. Dependence and addiction is another huge problem of Zopilex. Plus to that, Zopiclone is associated with death and that’s why is sometimes used a method of suicide. The compound is very toxic when overdosed so overdosing might lead to coma or death when used alone or combined with other compounds such as opiates, central nervous system depressants or alcohol.

Other than this, Zopiclone is interacting with other compounds except for alcohol such as caffeine, trimipramine, erythromycin and other medications too.

As much as we can see, Zopiclone should be used with very big care otherwise very serious and even life threatening side effects can occur. The use of Zopilex should be very limited, used only if required.

Where to Buy Zopiclone? | Get Zopilex by Alpha

Zopiclone can be purchased directly from this website as the medication Zopilex manufactured by Alpha Pharma. Zopilex is offering very high quality and purity Zopiclone, the same as Imovane, however, Zopilex by Alpha Pharma is offered for a much cheaper price. All Alpha Pharma medications can be purchased from this website and you are guaranteed to get the highest quality and cheapest prices for them, while you are ensured to obtain only genuine and original Alpha Pharma products.

Zopilex can be a very helpful medication for those who are having occasional sleeping disturbances. Athletes who need to perform well during the training sessions but cannot get enough sleep at night might find Zopilex to be the perfect solution.

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