What is Androxine by Alpha Pharma?

Androxine by Alpha Pharma Androxine is the brand name of the anabolic and androgenic steroid Trenbolone without an attached ester which is often called Trenbolone Suspension.

There are 3 different esterified forms of Trenbolone: Trenbolone Acetate; Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (or simply Hexa) but there’s also Trenbolone Suspension meaning that no ester is attached. The attached ester to the main hormone: Trenbolone in this case, is meant to delay its release in the body after it got administered. Since Androxine contains Trenbolone without any attached esters it means that the compound is going to be released in the body the fastest possible way.

Different esters have different release times but it doesn’t affect the main hormone. This means that regardless which attached ester or if there is any ester at all, the main hormone is going to work the exact same way without differences.

Androxine, which is manufactured by famous pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma, contains Trenbolone Suspension and this makes this compound one of the most powerful compounds you can ever find. In addition to that, Alpha Pharma is known for offering high quality medications and steroid for low prices allowing customers to save money.

In the end, when talking about Androxine, you’re talking about Trenbolone of high quality, but for a low price. So, Trenbolone which is found in Androxine, that is also shortly called Tren, is considered to be by far one of the strongest and most powerful anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) that you can find on market.

Trenbolone or Tren is indeed a unique steroid having the abilities and properties necessary for you to completely change and improve your physique and performance and that’s why is very popular for bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes.

This compound was manufactured back in 1960s and it was used for helping cattle to grow as big as possible. Nowadays, the compound is not used in humans in medical settings but is still used for the purpose of growing cattle big, and cows are growing extremely much out of being given this steroid.

The compound is extremely potent and this means extremely effective, but customers need to watch out for the side effects of the product too as Tren is known to be very helpful, but one of the worst in terms of side effects.

Trenbolone is a Nandrolone derivative and is not aromatizable offering an androgenic to anabolic ratio of 500:500 making it extremely powerful.

What is Androxine Being Used For? | What is Trenbolone Suspension Used For?

Androxine containing Trenbolone Suspension is used only by those people searching to increase physique and performance enhancement such as bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes as is not being used anywhere else. However, the compound is used with great success by those people obtaining amazing benefits and effectiveness.

This product is used for increasing lean muscle mass, aid muscle retention and fat loss, increasing strength indicators and making a person look very lean and very dry.

One huge advantage is that Tren is going to make you grow a lot of muscles and get lean in a very short period of time. Another advantage is that Trenbolone is going to help you do that like no other steroid.

Because of no estrogenic activity meaning that you cannot get water weight or bloating on this steroid all along with huge anabolic and androgenic activity, Androxine is used with very big success in both cutting and bulking cycles because this is a steroid which can make you grow lean muscle mass while losing body fat while both dieting or eating a lot of carbs.

Androxine Dose | How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenbolone Suspension Dosage

Androxine is containing Trenbolone without an attached ester and this means that the half life is very short for this product and this means that frequent administration is required if you want to maintain stable blood levels and get maximum effectiveness.

Also, this is an oil based solution that should be injected meaning that the compound should be used as injection pretty often. Plus to everything, it was mentioned that Androxine is an extremely powerful steroid and for this reason, we wouldn’t ever recommend Trenbolone as the first cycle with steroids – it can be way too strong for people without experiences with steroids.

It was reported that doses anywhere between 175 up to 350 mg a week are more than enough to offer amazing results which would change your physique a lot. Doses between 500 and 700 mg a week should be attempted only by professionals while higher doses are not recommended at all and should be avoided.

Very often, Trenbolone is stacked with many other steroids but most often with Testosterone. Very often, this product is used alongside with dry orals too, but there are aggressive bulkers who stack it with wet steroids too.

Androxine Side Effects | Trenbolone Side Effects

It was earlier mentioned that Trenbolone is by far one of the most powerful steroid out there meaning that is one of the most effective but this also means that is containing some of the nastiest side effects either.

While some people think that side effects of Trenbolone is something normal because of its huge potency, the side effects are “possible”! meaning that you can get the benefits without getting side effects, but it greatly depends on a number of factors.

Dosage, cycle length, lifestyle, age, pre existent health conditions, supplements and some others are greatly playing a role in either will you get side effects or not and how harsh would they be.

There are a lot of different side effects that you might get out of using such a powerful steroid carelessly, however here are only a few of them to number:

Insomnia, night sweats; cardiovascular negative effects and cholesterol negative effects; decreased endurance to cardio; coughing spells; hypertension; androgenic side effects such as aggression and temper, acne, oily skin and many others as well as virilizing side effects for women and plus natural testosterone production inhibition for men.

These are only a few side effects to name but the list can be bigger. But remember that how bad the side effects would be for you greatly depends on many different factors that you need to take in consideration when using Trenbolone because as mentioned, this is a powerful steroid that should be used with special care.

Buy Androxine | Where to Get Trenbolone Suspension?

Androxine is an extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid manufactured by Alpha Pharma which can be purchased from this website for a very low price. Customers would receive a very high quality Trenbolone Suspension and those who know what is this steroid they know how powerful is it.

Androxine can be purchased easily, hassle free, for low price from this site and you get the steroid which would greatly change your physique making you lose a lot of body fat and greatly increase a lot of muscle mass and strength levels that you won’t be able to reach without Androxine.

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