What is Halobol by Alpha Pharma?

Halobol by Alpha Pharma Halobol is the brand name of the very powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid containing the active ingredient Fluoxymesterone and many people might better recognize this powerful AAS by its other and more famous brand name: Halotestin or as is being called in bodybuilding world shortly as Halo.

Halobol and Halotestin are actually the exact same steroid (both shortly called Halo) because they are both containing the exact same active ingredient. The only difference between the 2 is just the brand name and the manufacturer. Halobol, the compound we recommend, is manufactured by famous pharma company called Alpha Pharma which got reputable due to offering very high quality medications for very low prices.

So, the quality of Halobol is extremely high, not losing to Halotestin, both of high quality and purity of Fluoxymesterone as the main substance, however, Halobol by Alpha Pharma is offering for a much affordable price.

This very powerful steroid is coming in oral form and is often referred to as by far one of the most powerful oral steroids and one of the most potent steroids among both orals and injectable. This compound has been developed many years ago in 1950s when most other steroids were discovered and it was intended to help boys with delayed puberty.

Bodybuilders who used this compound agreed that this is one of the strongest steroids and therefore is very widely used for physique and performance enhancement. The compound is so popular for athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders because is offering a lot of cutting and hardening effects while greatly increasing strength levels.

However, is very important to understand one thing that is true about all steroids – the more powerful a steroid is, the more efficient it would be, however, the more side effects it would have. Taking in consideration that Halo is extremely powerful the benefits and results are insane, but so might be the side effects especially if not taking it properly.

Where Halobol is Used? | How Does Halotestin Work? | Fluoxymesterone Uses

Halobol or Halotestin both containing Fluoxymesterone is working in a similar way to other steroids by binding to estrogen receptors but when it does so, the steroid is working by displaying extremely high anabolic to androgenic activity. On paper, this steroid is nearly 20 times (twenty) more anabolic compared to testosterone and is almost 10 times (ten) more androgenic compared to testosterone.

With this being said, is no wonder that this compound is considered to be so incredibly powerful and potent, in fact, one of the most potent and powerful AAS that you will ever find and use. In addition to this, the compound is coming in form of oral tablets so you get amazing effects without injecting yourself.

In addition to that, Halo is not offering absolutely no estrogenic side effects since it cannot aromatize so it has no estrogenic activity. Water weight, bloating and other estrogen related side effects won’t occur.

However, the compound is orally active and is liver hepatotoxic so you need to make sure you keep your liver healthy.

Once again, it might offer negative side effects and they can be bad, but the compound can be extremely helpful for those who need it and know how to use Halo properly. Halobol is going to make you be extremely strong with a huge increase in strength levels and in the same time it would make you lose body fat while adding a ton of muscle mass. You’re going to look defined with hardening effects of muscles while adding lean muscle mass and strength.

Halobol Dosage | Halotestin Administration | Fluoxymesterone Dosage | Halotestin Cycle

It is very important to keep in mind that a very good idea would be to add N2Guard or any other liver helpful supplements regardless of which dosage of Halobol – Halotestin you decide to use.

It is important to understand that dosages of Halotestin should be kept very low because the compound is extremely powerful. We recommend to start as low as possible and Halobol shouldn’t be your first ever steroid because this would be too much. Start only if you have experience with AAS.

Start slowly at 10-20 mg a day and go up to 30 -40 mg a day only if you’re an expert and you know exactly what you’re doing. Never go higher than 40 mg a day otherwise you’re going to be in danger of liver failure.

Cycle lengths also should be kept low because of liver hepatotoxicity and you shouldn’t even think about cycle lengths exceeding 5-6 weeks because that would be super dangerous. However, 4 weeks is the best way to go because this way you’re going to be on the safe side.

Halobol can be used alone and still get amazing results at even low dose of 20 mg a day for only 3 weeks. But some people stack it with other compounds such as Equipoise or Testosterone. We wouldn’t recommend to stack it with Trenbolone as this can be very dangerous.

Halobol Side Effects | Halotestin Side Effects | Fluoxymesterone Side Effects

The worst side effect of HalobolHalotestin containing Fluoxymesterone is the liver hepatotoxicity. The compound is extremely dangerous for the liver and that’s why cycle lengths and dosages should be kept low, otherwise your liver will suffer.

But except for liver side effects, there might be others too and androgenic related side effects are notorious with Halotestin. That’s because the steroid offers huge androgenic activity suggesting that aggression, acne, oily skin, hair loss and others DHT related negative effects can occur.

Women are not recommended such a compound because they would be turned into men due to strong virilizing side effects.

Other than this, Fluoxymesterone is known for causing increases in sexual desire, cardiovascular side effects and the steroid is also very notorious for offering high blood pressure. You need to regularly check your blood pressure to make sure you’re on the safe side.

For avoiding side effects you need to have a good PCT plan (for testosterone inhibition), supplements for cholesterol, cardiovascular and liver issues as well as never abusing this powerful steroid.

Side effects of Halobol indeed can be very bad, but they also can be avoided if you’re going to use this steroid properly.

Buy Halobol by Alpha | Where to Buy Fluoxymesterone For Sale? | Buy Halotestin For Sale

Buy Halobol by Alpha Pharma from this website and you’re going to get a very high quality Fluoxymesterone steroid for the lowest price you can find online. Halobol might be better known as Halotestin or as is being called by most other people – Halo, an extremely powerful orally active steroid that can greatly help with your physique and performance enhancement needs. Other than this, you’re going to save a lot of money because Halobol is much cheaper than Halotestin, despite being of the same high quality.

Halotestin is the perfect steroid for those who do not want to inject but really huge results in terms of losing body fat and adding a lot of lean muscle mass and strength. In fact, the compound is going to help you so much to increase your strength levels that is one of the most favorite AAS for powerlifters.

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