What is Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma?

Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma Oxanabol is the trade name for the steroid Oxandrolone or as many people tend to call it – Var. That’s because the most famous and widely used brand name for Oxandrolone is Anavar and that’s why a lot of people shortly call this steroid Var. Anavar is actually the exact same steroid as Oxanabol because they are both offering the same active ingredient, of the exact same high quality and purity – Oxandrolone.

Anavar is the most famous brand name for Oxandrolone because is the first brand who manufactured Oxandrolone and sold it as a prescription drug. Oxanabol is manufactured by Alpha Pharma and is maintaining the exact same high quality of the compound, but is offering it for a cheaper price allowing everyone to get it if required.

Anavar or Oxanabol (since they are both the exact same steroid) containing Oxandrolone, pretty much as with most other AAS that were manufactured, were originally made for medical purposes and Oxandrolone is still being widely used in medical settings for various medical needs.

But except for medical purposes, Oxandrolone is also extremely widely used and very popular for physique and performance enhancing purposes used by bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters or simply gym rats. This is an orally active steroid that is not the most powerful, but is definitely one of the most used steroids among both oral and injectable steroids.

Also, Anavar or Oxanabol containing Oxandrolone is the most famous, popular and most widely used steroid amongst women using steroid for physique and performance enhancing purposes. That’s because this steroid is considered to be very effective and mild in terms of side effects. One huge advantage of this steroid is the side effects profile which is very low being a steroid suitable for everyone – males and females as well as steroid beginners and veterans.

This steroid is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derived compound coming in form of tablets which firstly appeared on the market in 1960s. Being a mild steroid, Anavar is not going to be as effective in growing muscles as fast and so much as when you do with Dianabol, but is also not going to be by far as dangerous and toxic while is still remaining very effective.

Oxanabol Uses | What Does Anavar Do? | What is Oxandrolone Used For?

Oxanabol was used in the past for physique and performance enhancement purposes and in medical settings and this didn’t changed nowadays. Oxanabol containing Oxandrolone which might be better known as Anavar is very widely used in both medical settings for various health needs such as severe weight loss treatment or osteoporosis as well as for physique and performance enhancement purposes for cutting as well as bulking cycles.

Nonetheless, being a steroid without aromatization and without adding so much muscle mass, the compound is mainly used for cutting cycles, especially because Oxandrolone is offering a great muscle hardening effect all along with burning body fat properties too.

This steroid is amazing all round because it offers very low androgenic activity, combined with no aromatization (no conversion into estrogen) all along with very high anabolic activity. This means that you get very high effectiveness combined with very low side effects profile.

Regardless if you’re using Oxanabol or Anavar for cutting or bulking cycles, you are not going to get any water retention, but instead, you’re going to get a big increase in lean muscle mass and in strength levels. The gains from such a steroid are always clean and solid gains which is why people prefer it for cutting or lean bulking.

The steroid is overall going to improve your condition, performance, better body look with a lot of different benefits.

Oxanabol Dose | Oxandrolone Dosage | Anavar Cycle | Anavar Dosage

Oxanabol or Anavar containing Oxandrolone is an orally active steroid with a pretty short half life (as most other oral steroids) and for this reason, the compound must be used multiple times a day for maintaining stable blood levels.

Also, due to liver hepatotoxicity (despite not being too high, especially compared to other steroids) cycle length is going to be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

In terms of dosages, there are people suggesting that males should use at least 50 mg a day in order to get effectiveness. But 30 mg a day should be enough for others too. Female users should opt for much lower doses because despite this being a very safe steroid, side effects are still possible to occur.

In the end, dosages for males are anywhere in the range of 30 mg up to about 80 mg a day with the sweetest spot being 50 mg a day.

This compound can be stacked with nearly any given steroid and can be used by anyone – beginners or veterans, females or males, for cutting or for bulking. The compound also can be used alone but most people still prefer to stack it with some other steroids.

Oxanabol Side Effects | Oxandrolone Side Effects | Anavar Side Effects

Do not let the idea of Oxandrolone being a mild steroid fool you into thinking that Oxandrolone is completely safe or side effects free as this is going to be a huge mistake. Yes, Oxandrolone found in Oxanabol or Anavar is indeed much safer compared to most other steroids, but side effects are very possible, especially if the steroid is used carelessly and abused.

Absolutely all steroids does have side effects and some side effects associated with Anavar use includes: back pumps, liver toxicity (despite being considered mild toxic), suppressive to natural testosterone production (again, despite being mild suppressive, it still suppresses it) as well as it can affect your lipids too.

Other than that, women are still not protected from virilizing side effects pretty much as men are not absolutely protected from negative androgenic side effects such as oily skin, hair loss, acne and some others.

So, AnavarOxanabol is a safe steroid that would be so only if used properly. Cycle supporting supplements, healthy lifestyle all along with a good PCT plan is extremely important but there are other various methods which makes this steroid a fairly safe orally active steroid.

Buy Oxanabol | Where to Buy Oxandrolone? | Where to Buy Anavar For Sale?

Oxandrolone is pretty hard to be obtained online since is a scheduled III substance and in addition to that there are a lot of fake sites and fake steroids selling counterfeits meaning that getting the compound can be quite problematic, especially taking in consideration that Anavar is also pretty expensive – one of the biggest drawbacks of Anavar.

Despite being an amazing steroid which seem to be nearly perfect – orally active, very mild in terms of toxicity and side effects, extremely effective and suits for everyone’s needs, the only problems are its pretty expensive price as well as the ton of fake Anavar or Oxandrolone products being sold online.

Nonetheless, all of these problems were solved by Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma which can be obtained absolutely hassle free directly from this website. You are guaranteed to get the genuine steroid for an extremely low price making every customer happy.

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