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People who want to enhance their physical appearance and improve performance to the next level without huge increases in total weight should check for Anavar. This is an extremely famous anabolic steroid because is super helpful.

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To learn where to buy real Anavar online is extremely important because, unfortunately, there are a lot of sources offering counterfeit products. Anavar – Oxanabol is an extremely popular product for physique and performance enhancement, therefore is widely faked. Especially taken in consideration that the compound is pretty expensive.

  • NOTE! One of the Anavar’s drawback is the price which is a bit higher compared to other

So, is quite obvious that a super famous steroid that is pretty expensive itself and cannot be obtained in a local grocery store or pharmacy store to be counterfeited.

Fake products obviously do not work as a real one. You are scammed by trying to get real Anavar but you get either under dosed, under quality or fake product at all. There are also sources that do offer real Anavar online, yet they charge big amount of money for them.

That’s why is recommended to buy real Anavar online directly from this website because although brand name is Oxanabol, same active main substance of high quality is maintained. We are a source that always try to fulfill customer satisfaction and that’s by offering best quality of any products and lowest price.


Anavar Benefits

Anyone who is going to buy Anavar – Oxanabol is going to benefit a lot when talking about physical and performance enhancement. This is an extremely helpful steroid both for women and for men in sports fields. Is mild in side effects and that’s why can be used by steroid beginners and women, yet is highly effective and is popular among advanced and professional users.

Oxanabol – Anavar (Oxandrolone) is also a compound with very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio and it cannot aromatize. Therefore, no estrogen related side effects, very little androgen related ones and high anabolic activity ensures lots of benefits.


Anavar or Oxandrolone with active substance Oxandrolone is capable to grow lean muscle mass (without water retention) and help you burn body fat in the same time. You would notice the strength is getting increased all along with stamina, energy, performance, speed, agility and so on and so forth.

Hence, anyone who is using Oxandrolone is going to benefit a lot in both how would appear (more muscles, less fat, more dry and hardening effect) and how would perform (can lift more, can endure more pains, can perform longer, shorter recovery time).

There are lots of success stories about Anavar online.

How to Administer Anavar?

Except for the fact that you’ve got to buy real Anavar online, you’ve also got to know how to administer it properly. Anavar comes in form of pills and should be used orally by mouth.

Anavar – Oxanabol (Oxandrolone) has a half life of about 9 hours. Therefore, it should be used multiple times a day to maintain stable blood levels and receive maximum benefits. That’s from 2 to 4 times a day.

  • The total daily dosage for women is in the range of 5 mg up to 20 mg a day (absolute maximum). Women usually administer 10-15 mg daily.
  • The total daily dosage for men is in the range of 25-100 mg a day (absolute maximum). Men usually administer 50 mg daily.

Oxanabol – Anavar cycle length is anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks. Women usually stop at 6 weeks. Beginners should go for 4 weeks cycle length. If the dosage is very high, shorter cycle lengths are recommended.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is hepatotoxic, that’s the main reason why cycle lengths shouldn’t be long.

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