Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol (Dbol) is an extremely famous anabolic steroid because of its impressive abilities to offer impressive amounts of lean muscle mass in impressively short period of time. This is an anabolic steroid that is coming in form of oral tablets (Dianabol pills) and is considered the most famous steroids of all times, nowadays and historically.

This is the steroid that most guys searching for amazing body transformation would most likely turn to. That’s because Dianabol is going to rapidly offer results which are amazing. And since most people want as much results in as short period – Dbol is the perfect choice.

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So, many people heard about Dianabol amazing effectiveness and started to use it but many of them made a huge mistake of starting to use it without reading and learning about Dianabol side effects.

We highly recommend absolutely everyone to carefully read about AlphabolDianabol side effects (or any other compound’s side effects) before actually starting to use it. This way, the individual is able to learn as much as possible about them and the person who is informed – is “armed”. You know what you can expect from using it and in addition to that, you may start learning about techniques how to deal, reduce and control the side effects.

Alphabol – Dianabolside effects are most likely occurring due to the fact that people are doing all sorts of mistakes with their AlphabolDianabol cycles.

Mostly it occurs because they are not familiar with the risks and they are not sure how to properly run a AlphabolDianabol cycle.

  • For example, they do not know that an anti estrogenic medication is almost a “must” in almost all AlphabolDianabol cycles.
  • Other than that, having a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Plan is a “must” too after all Dbol cycles, or any other steroids cycles end.

That’s because the anabolic steroid is highly aromatized and because is testosterone suppressing.


This means that running Dianabol – Alphabol, you may run into too high estrogen levels and too low testosterone levels – these are some of the main reasons why AlphabolDianabol side effects occur in the first place.

  • Another thing to mention here is AlphabolDianabol’s liver damage. As almost all other orally active anabolic steroids out there – the compound is C17 alpha alkylated and therefore is passing through the liver causing liver strain.

That’s the reason why cycle lengths should be short and you should maintain your liver as healthy as possible. That’s by adding liver protecting compounds and avoiding any other products that may damage your liver such as OTC meds, other steroids and others.

If you know how to deal with hepatotoxicity, estrogenic activity and low testosterone, you’ve dealt with almost all AlphabolDianabol side effects.

  • Few others to mention here includes cardiovascular negative effects and high cholesterol. But if you’re going to have regular cardio exercises all along with a good and healthy diet, these issues shouldn’t become a problem.

In addition to that, all side effects are getting worse by increased dosage.

This means that all side effects may be controlled by reducing the dosage in case you get any. Also, all of them get worse by using AlphabolDianabol for longer periods (especially liver damage) that’s why cycle length are short and dosage are kept low.


Other than that, you should not have health issues prior to use Dianabol – Alphabol. They might get worse. If you have cholesterol issue, cardiovascular issues, some liver issues etc. AlphabolDianabol may not be a good product for you.

  • Other side effects to mention here are androgenic related ones. They are less likely to occur compared to testosterone, for example, but they are still capable. Women may experience virilizing side effects too.

All side effects are also genetically dependable. People with genetically low tolerance have higher chances of more/ worse side effects.

In the end, AlphabolDianabol side effects include:

Estrogenic: gynecomastia, water retention, blood pressure.

Androgenic: acne, hair loss, abnormal hair growth on body, aggression.

Cholesterol: high bad (LDL) cholesterol and low good (HDL) cholesterol which may leads to cardiovascular issues.

Hepatotoxicity: liver strain that may lead to many liver issues like liver cirrhosis, cancer or liver failure.

Other AlphabolDianabol side effects:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Extreme weakness
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • High blood pressure
  • Swelling in different parts of the body
  • Allergic reactions

alphabol-dianabol-dbolThis is not the full list of AlphabolDianabol side effects. Many people may not get any side effects at all. It depends on many various factors such as: genetic of each person, dosage, cycle length, other supplements, other medications and steroids, size of person and many others.

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