What is Modafin by Alpha Pharma?

Modafin by Alpha Pharma Modafin is a medication that is not very popular for bodybuilders and athletes but there are still some of them who resort to this drug. Modafin is just the brand name for the compound Modafinil but Modafinil’s most famous brand name is Provigil.

In the end, Provigil and Modafin is the exact same compound since they both offer active substance Modafinil, however, the only difference between them is just the brand name as much as we can see since they are manufactured by different manufacturing companies and the price.

Modafin by Alpha Pharma is a cheaper alternative allowing customers to save money but in terms of quality is the same Provigil. With this being said, although Provigil is much more popular than Modafin, both compounds are offering very high quality and purity Modafinil and there’s no other difference except for the price of Modafin being much cheaper, that’s why is recommended Modafin over Provigil.

This is a medication which can be obtained only by prescription which is used for inducing wakefulness in the adults suffering from excessive sleepiness because of one of the following sleeping disorders such as: shift work sleep disorder; Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSP) and Narcolepsy.

But except for being used by people suffering from health issues, the compound is also used and, unfortunately, sometimes abused, by athletes and other people with professions which is requiring them to be focused and alert continuously.

Currently, Modafinil is a banned medication on WADA list. The compound appeared on the market in 1970s and is used nowadays by many various people for various needs.

Modafin Uses | How Provigil Works? | What is Modafinil Used For?

Modafin or Provigil containing Modafinil is used for improving wakefulness allowing users to stay alert. Imagine it as a super effective coffee where a cup of coffee doesn’t offer not even a quarter of effectiveness of Modafinil.

The compound is used as an alternative to amphetamines and is used in many countries as a drug for management of fatigue and is popular among pilots and astronauts. The compound is popular for offering a long half life and huge effectiveness.

Modafinil is on WADA list as a banned substance and many high profile athletes were caught using the compound in a wide variety of different sports. That’s because the compound was proven to prolong exercise time to exhaustion and performing better. It is also helpful for reducing appetite and therefore helping weight loss, therefore the users are decreasing their calories intake and use it as a part of their weight loss cycle.

Except for being a helpful medication against fatigue and sleepiness and enahcnig performance while aiding fat loss, the compound is also having a variety of other medical off label uses such as ADHD, cocaine dependency; multiple sclerosis as well as psychiatric disorders like depression; bipolar and others.

Modafin Half Life | How Long Does Modafinil Last? | How Long Does Provigil Last?

Modafin or Provigil containing Modafinil is a popular medication because is both effective and with a long half life as there are studies done proving that it will keep a user awake and alert for approximately 40 hours without sleep at about 600 mgs used in 3 different doses.

The compound is used in form of tablets and its long half life allows the user to stay awake for long periods of time since it stays in the system for quite a good while after a single dose. That’s because of its fairly long half life for an orally active drug which is approximately 12 -15 hours.

Modafin Dose | How to Use Modafinil? | Modafinil Dosage | Provigil Administration

Modafinil is an orally active medication which is given in form of tablets taken orally by mouth by swallowing them. Medical patients who are being prescribed Provigil – Modafin for whatever health condition are usually prescribed 200 mg used once per day, while some patients are going to doses as high as 400 mg a day used in a single dosage.

The compound is recommended to be used one hour before work for those with shift work disorder. Similar doses are used by athletes as they would use 200 up to about 400 mg a day used in the morning for an alertness effect for their training and for the entire day. However, for athletes, the compound is not recommended to be used on a daily basis, only on those days that they feel they require to stay extra alert and focused.

Athletes training at night might use it in the afternoon for alertness. So, this compound is used in a single dosage per day, preferred in the morning as its long half life would provide an effectiveness for the entire day. Higher doses than 400 mg a day are not recommended and using it on a daily basis is also not recommended (unless prescribed) due to its addiction liability.

Side Effects of Modafin | Modafinil Side Effects | Provigil Side Effects

Due to the fact that Modafin or Provigil containing Modafinil is an addictive drug, it must be used very carefully and shouldn’t ever be abused. The compound is addictive because of its effects on dopamine in the brain’s reward center. So, one huge side effect of Modafinil is the fact that it can be very addictive so abusing it is never a good idea.

But except for being addictive, Modafinil found in Modafin by Alpha Pharma or Provigil also offers other side effects too. Although FDA hasn’t encountered cases of deaths because of overdose of Modafinil, there are few cases of attempted suicide with the compound as the user experienced severe nausea and anxiety.

Being a powerful stimulant, is quite expectable to get some of the most common side effects of Modafinil which includes: insomnia, headaches; nervousness, anxiety, tremors and shakes, nausea and others.

Serious side effects of Modafinil are related to allergic reactions and they include: rash, swelling, fever, shortness of breath, hives as well as blistering.

Usually, reducing the dosage is going to reduce the side effects too but mainly because of its addictive properties, abusing the drug by taking it in higher doses or on a regular basis is never a good idea.

How to Get Modafin? | Where to Buy Modafinil Generic? | How to Get Provigil Generic

Modafin can be obtained very easily by purchasing it directly from this page. Modafin manufactured by Alpha Pharma is a very high quality Modafinil and is like a generic version of the drug which can be obtained here. Although Provigil is the original and most famous brand for Modafinil, Modafin by Alpha Pharma, is a generic which doesn’t compromise on quality making sure you receive the highest quality drug but you save money on Modafin.

Modafinil found in Provigil or Modafin is a famous medication among people who require to stay alert and focused so is used by various people with various professions such as pilots, astronauts, shift work disorders and various other health purposes. But is also being used by athletes for improving their physique and performance allowing them to prolong exercise time while reducing appetite and calories intake helping with weight loss.

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