What is Astralean by Alpha Pharma?

Astralean by Alpha Pharma Astralean is the brand name of the product manufactured by Alpha Pharma containing Clenbuterol Hydrochloride which is coming in form of tablets. Astralean manufactured by Alpha Pharma is the same compound as very famous medication Clenbuterol but the only difference is in the manufacturing company and the price. With Astralean by Alpha Pharma customers are allowed to save a lot of money compared to Clenbuterol but in the end they are receiving the exact same compound.

ClenbuterolAstralean is meant for the treatment of bronchitis in the management of airway obstruction, like for example Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and many other breathing related health issues.

Astralean by Alpha Pharma contains Clenbuterol 5 strips of 10 tablets each meaning a total of 50 tablets containing 50 mcg of Clenbuterol. Customers can save a lot of money with this medication and there’s no need to worry about the quality.

Generally, Clenbuterol is a very popular and widely used medication among bodybuilders, fitness models and even celebrities. The compound is extremely popular and is mainly being used during the cutting phases because this product is super effective at burning body fat.

In fact, the compound is so popular that there’s a good chance you have already heard about this compound, is one of the most popular and best things in existence for aiding fat loss. So this compound is super effective, but you need to watch out for the side effects which can be pretty nasty.

ClenbuterolAstralean, as mentioned, is a medication that is helping with breathing issues, it is a bronchodilator. This compound is helping people to breathe easier, but except for better breathing it also greatly helps to lose body fat.

This compound has appeared on the market in the late 1970s and it was used and is still very widely used for enhancing performance levels. Despite being so popular and so helpful, ClenbuterolAstralean often called shortly Clen, is not a steroid (WADA listed it as an anabolic compound) but is a beta 2 agonist.

A lot of athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders, fitness models and celebrities either admitted or were caught using this compound for its performance enhancing effects and aiding body fat loss.

What Does Clenbuterol Do? | Astralean Effectiveness | Clenbuterol Uses

Clenbuterol or Astralean is working by being a stimulant, when talking about fat burning effects. The way it works and the effects of Clenbuterol are very closely related to the effects of Ephedrine, the popular compound which is found in the popular ECA stack known to be super effective for fat burning.

When it comes to its official and approved uses, Clenbuterol is prescribed only to people with breathing issues. It was found out that there were doctors prescribing Clenbuterol to overweight people for its fat burning properties but that was and off label prescription. Nowadays, there’s a very low chance you would find a doctor prescribe the compound for such purposes.

It works by helping users to improve breathing and it does it drastically by helping widen and relax the blood vessels, this leads to more oxygen being used for energy.

But except for being officially used for breathing disorders, the compound is very popular for physique and performance enhancement and especially at burning fat. Clenbuterol is increasing heart rate and blood pressure and is increasing metabolic energy and the body temperature. This allows for more body fat loss.

It is also increasing energy levels by working as a stimulant and working as an adrenaline, users can perform better in the gym. Other than this, Clen was listed as an anabolic because it was proven to preserve muscle mass. While it won’t help to add more muscles, the compound helps you to lose body fat faster and more efficiently while you preserve current muscle mass.

Clenbuterol Cycle | Clenbuterol Dosage | Astralean Administration

There are many different cycle types of Clenbuterol and one of the most popular cycle with CLenbuterol is the total of 10 weeks where you go for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off method and you slowly increase the daily dosage.

The compound is coming in form of tablets which should be used on a daily basis for maintaining stable blood levels and maximum effectiveness. So, you start with a low dosage of about 20 mcg a day of Astralean for the first 2 weeks. Then you completely stop using it for 2 weeks. After that, you repeated using it but at 40 mcg a day for 2 weeks and then again you stop for 2 weeks. You restart using the compound at 60 mcg a day for 2 weeks.

When you’re an expert, you might start at 40 mcg a day for the first 2 weeks and increase. Or, you might increase every 2-3 days with 10 mcg during the 2 weeks while you use the compound until reaching 100 mcg a day.

We won’t ever recommend anyone to use doses higher than 200 mcg a day as it can be very dangerous. Doses over 150 mcg a day should be attempted only by professionals. Increase dosage only if you feel you can tolerate more.

Clenbuterol Side Effects | Side Effects of Astralean

Clenbuterol or Astralean is a very powerful medication which can greatly help when it comes to physique and performance enhancement but it can have very serious and nasty side effects, especially when is not used properly.

It is highly recommended to educate yourself before using the compound and is also important to have cycle supporting supplements such as taurine and potassium since Clenbuterol is known to deplete their numbers and therefore you might receive muscle cramps as side effects.

Overdose of Clen would lead to acute poisoning and life threatening side effects. Use the compound properly, do not increase the dosage if you won’t tolerate more, do not use it for longer than you can tolerate, use supplements and make sure not to have any cardiovascular, blood or heart related health issues before using Astralean.

Taking in consideration that is a stimulant, some of the most common side effects of Astralean include: insomnia (for which reason is recommended to be administered only in the morning), tremors and hand shakes, nausea, profound sweating, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations and other heart related issues; increased blood pressure (hypertension); muscle cramps; higher body temperature and many others.

Where To Buy Clenbuterol? | Buy Real Clenbuterol Online | Get Astralean

Clenbuterol can be very easily purchased directly from this website as Astralean manufactured by Alpha Pharma. Astralean is the real Clenbuterol which you can obtain online without problems and make sure that you get a genuine product. Clenbuterol as Astralean by Alpha Pharma is a high quality product which allows you to save money and can be easily obtained.

Astralean or Clenbuterol (Clen) is a very popular medication among many famous athletes and sportsmen including big star celebrities for being an extremely helpful product when it comes to physique and performance enhancement purposes and it especially shines at burning body fat and preserving muscle mass while offers huge energy levels.

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