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What is Primo Tabs by Alpha Pharma?

Primo Tabs by Alpha Pharma Primo Tabs is the name of the product which is manufactured by Alpha Pharma but the compound is most often sold as the brand name Primobolan which is very often shortly called by many people Primo or Primo Tabs as the trade name by Alpha Pharma since this anabolic and androgenic steroid is coming in form of tablets.

The active substance in the steroid is Methenolone and when referred to oral Methenolone we are referring to Methenolone Acetate but there’s also an injection form of Methenolone known as Methenolone Enanthate. Both products are working in very similar ways except for their form of administration and their half life as the injection form (Methenolone Enanthate) is offering a half life of 10 days while Methenolone Acetate found in Primo Tabs or Primobolan offers a half life of approximately 6 hours.

In this article, we are referring to Methenolone Acetate only. Good news is that with Primo Tabs manufactured by Alpha Pharma customers are getting the same high quality Methenolone Acetate but they are paying a lower price, but in the end they receive same Primobolan.

This steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it was firstly used back in 1960s for different medical needs. It was used for the treatment of breast cancer but it then got discontinued. Nowadays, the compound is not used anywhere else except for the physical and performance enhancement purposes by bodybuilders.

Not being such a powerful steroid as many others that you can find, the steroid is not very suitable for bulking but is still remaining highly effective and is pretty safe in terms of side effects too.

What is Primo Tabs Used For? | What Does Primobolan Do? | How Does Primobolan Work?

Primo Tabs is a steroid used for cutting cycles or as a pre contest steroid. As mentioned, the steroid is not very suitable for bulking cycles when you want to grow muscle mass because is not very effective for this purpose, instead it is amazing when it comes to muscle hardening, cutting body fat and getting shredded.

There are much better options for bulking than Primobolan, but there’s hardly anything better for cutting and pre contest. When is used all alone on its own, the product is not very effective, and this is the reason why a lot of people are greatly underestimating the effectiveness of Primobolan or Primo Tabs.

That’s a big mistake because when is combined with other steroids, the product is showing its full potential which is huge. Primo Tabs is amazing at speeding up the muscles recovery processes, is going to offer an amazing hardening effect all along with making you look much more defined, harder as well as much fuller. Customers would get great increases in their strength, in vascularity as well as it would aid fat loss.

When being used, Methenolone is working in a similar way to many other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and despite not being as powerful as Trenbolone, is still remaining extremely effective and is very safe in terms of side effects, one of the reason why Primobolan is so popular.

How to Use Primo Tabs? | Primobolan Cycle | Primobolan Dosage | Methenolone Dose

Primo Tabs is a steroid coming in form of tablets (as the name implies) because the active ingredient is Methenolone Acetate. Obviously, the steroid should be used orally by mouth and due to short half life, the compound must be used at least twice a day for maintaining stable blood levels.

Dosages for oral Primobolan are falling anywhere in the range of 50 up to 150 mg a day, there are people who are running it at higher dosages, but that’s not recommended due to possible negative effects.

This compound is very often stacked with different steroids such as Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate, but except for testosterone based steroids, it can be stacked with many others too, especially “dry” steroid used for cutting cycles.

Cycle lengths with Primo Tabs are anywhere between 4 up to 8 weeks. This is the only orally active steroid that is not C17 alpha alkylated meaning that is a lot much less hepatotoxic compared to other orally active steroids.

Mainly because PrimobolanPrimo Tabs containing Methenolone Acetate is considered a mild steroid, you are going to notice that there are a lot of female athletes who is considering using it too. In most cases, it seems like women opt for doses in the range of 25 up to 50 mg per week for a total of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Primobolan as well as Anavar seem to be the most popular choices for female athletes and that’s because they seem to be pretty mild compared to all other steroids that have a lot of negative side effects. Nonetheless, Anavar seem to overpass the Primo’s popularity for women.

Also, negative side effects like virilizing symptoms for women are possible so stay alert.

Primo Tabs Side Effects | Primobolan Side Effects | Methenolone Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, women seem to prefer PrimobolanPrimo Tabs because is a steroid much milder compared to many others. However, virilizing side effects are still possible and they should be careful for them.

Generally, Primobolan does not seem to be such a powerful steroid as many others and is much milder, nonetheless, there are still side effects that you need to be very careful about. Abusing the compound is surely going to offer negative side effects, pretty much as all other steroids.

Estrogenic side effects with PrimobolanMethenolone found in Primo Tabs are not possible and liver hepatotoxicity is very unlikely since is not C17 alpha alkylated. However, there might be other side effects such as androgenic including acne, hair loss, oily skin, aggression and others.

Plus to this, negative effects on cardiovascular and cholesterol values might occur including some others side effects not mentioned here. Despite being mild suppressive to natural testosterone production, this side effect is still possible to occur so having a good Post Cycle Therapy is very recommended after completing each cycle with Primo Tabs.

Where to Buy Primo Tabs? | Where to Buy Primobolan? | Buy Methenolone

Primo Tabs otherwise known as Primobolan containing Methenolone Acetate being the oral version of Methenolone which should be used orally by mouth can be purchased from this website absolutely hassle free for a discounted price. Primo Tabs by Alpha Pharma is the exact same product as Primobolan both containing Methenolone Acetate of a very high quality but with the steroid by Alpha Pharma you’re able to save a lot of money.

Primo Tabs is a very high quality steroid that is offered for a very low price which can greatly help you get your physique and performance to ultimate level. This compound is amazing when it comes to cutting and getting shredded. While Methenolone is not very helpful for bulking, is extremely popular as a pre contest steroid when you get more defined, harder, more vascularity and appear fuller.

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