Testobolin XR

What is Testobolin XR by Alpha Pharma?

Testobolin XR by Alpha Pharma Testobolin XR is a longer version of another product manufactured by Alpha Pharma called Testobolin. Simply Testobolin by Alpha Pharma is containing Testosterone Enanthate – a very famous form of testosterone while Testobolin XR is containing Testosterone Undecanoate – a less famous form of testosterone but with a much higher half life.

The only difference between Testobolin XR and simple Testobolin is the attached ester to the main hormone – testosterone. But what is the ester? The ester is made for delaying the release of the main hormone in the body after it got administered and different esters are having different delaying times.

Undecanoate is known as the longest ester with the slowest release in the body. While Enanthate is still a long ester, Undecanoate is even longer. This means that testosterone is release in the system even more slower.

Other than different release times, there are no differences between Testosterone Undecanoate and any other form of Testosterone. Testobolin XR is just the brand name for Testosterone Undecanoate which is manufactured by Alpha Pharma. This is a famous pharma company known for selling very high quality products with high purity for very low price.

With all of this being said, by getting Testobolin XR you get a very high quality product containing Testosterone Undecanoate and you do not pay too much for it.

Testosterone Undecanoate is used for androgen replacement therapy and hypogonadism for men with low testosterone conditions, but is also getting famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes. That’s because a single injection of this compound is going to last a long time and the individual gets amazing benefits with less injection frequency.

Testobolin XR Half Life | Testosterone Undecanoate Half Life

Testobolin XR by Alpha Pharma containing Testosterone Undecanoate, as already mentioned, is having the longest half life out of all other forms of testosterone. It has a half life longer than 21 days and this means that once a week or even once every 2 weeks injection would ensure stable blood levels.

The compound is staying active in your system for a very long period of time but remember that the longer the half life – the longer the detection time. Testosterone Undecanoate might be detected half a year later after the last dosage or even more.

Testobolin XR Effectiveness | What is Testosterone Undecanoate Used For?

Testobolin XR being manufactured by Alpha Pharma is a very high quality product and therefore is extremely effective offering high purity and quality of Testosterone Undecanoate. Therefore, the compound is extremely effective for androgen replacement therapy as well as it can be given for other medical uses in medical settings.

Other than this, Testosterone Undecanoate is used for physique and performance enhancement purposes, pretty much as any other testosterone based steroid and that’s because the compound is going to work absolutely the same way since they are all offering the same synthetic hormone.

In fact, the synthetic testosterone is going to work absolutely no different from the naturally occurring testosterone in the body. Since this is the main and most important hormone being essential for growing muscles and enhancing performance and strength levels, is obvious that many people are searching for ways to boost their testosterone numbers.

Testobolin XR is going to be amazing and elevating these numbers and it works in the exact same way as natural testosterone. When more testosterone levels are reached, a number of processes in the body start to appear such as: protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

In the end, you are going to get benefits such as gaining a lot of lean muscle mass, losing body fat easier and faster, gaining strength, getting better sleep and boost in libido as well as increased mood and confidence too.

Testobolin XR Administration | Testosterone Undecanoate Dosage

If a person is prescribed Testosterone Undecanoate then generally dosages prescribed by doctors are much lower compared to those required for physique and performance enhancement purposes. If you’re getting the compound prescribed, better use it exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

However, if you’re searching for Testobolin XR for physique and performance enhancement purposes then doses usually only start at 200 mg a week but most people prefer higher doses unless they need it only for a booster.

Doses can be as high as 1500 mg a week but such high doses are only recommended by professionals. Doses between 500 mg and 1000 mg are recommended by those who already have experience with this compound while dosage of 500 mg a week seem to be the sweetest point for most people as is both safe and effective.

Cycle lengths are usually at least 10 weeks but some people decide to go as high as 16 or even 18 weeks. 14 weeks is what most people go for.

Testosterone is stacked with nearly any given steroid and for this reason Testobolin XR can be used alongside with nearly any given steroid of your choice, depending if you need it for bulking or cutting, but long based steroids are usually given for bulk.

Testobolin XR Side Effects | Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects

Taking in consideration that Testobolin XR containing Testosterone Undecanoate is a pretty weak version of testosterone due to very low half life and therefore very slow release of the compound in the body, side effects are generally less intense compared to other testosterone compounds.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that there are no side effects. Especially with higher doses. Side effects are very related with the dosage and the higher the dosage, the more side effects you might get.

Keep in mind that testosterone is converting into estrogen through aromatization and this might lead to estrogenic side effects because of too much estrogen. Gynecomastia and water retention are only a few estrogen related side effects. The use of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) would greatly help.

Androgenic side effects are possible too and we can include hair loss, oily skin, acne and many others. Plus, your body would stop producing testosterone on its own and this is called natural testosterone inhibition. That’s why is very important to implement a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each cycle with Testobolin XR or any other steroid.

Other side effects include negative cardiovascular effects, negative effects on lipids etc. Remember that this is by far not the full list of side effects. Use the product careful if you want to avoid them.

Buy Testobolin XR by Alpha | Where to Buy Testosterone Undecanoate?

Testosterone Undecanoate is the main ingredient in Testobolin XR manufactured by Alpha Pharma and this indicates that you’re going to receive an extremely helpful and beneficial compound for physique and performance enhancement purposes that would work wonders with very rare injection administration schedule.

Customers are free to purchase it directly from this page on this website for receiving the genuine Testobolin XR manufactured by Alpha Pharma. This steroid is the longest version of synthetic testosterone which, while it works in the same way as any other testosterone compound, you don’t need to inject it as frequent. Therefore, you get lean muscle mass and strength without the need to pin yourself too often.

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