Winstrol Half Life

Everyone who wishes to receive a great body appearance ever thought about using anabolic steroids. That’s quite obvious because the steroids’ appealing results seem to be amazing when talking about physique and performance enhancement. They are capable to offer amazing body transformation in extremely short periods of time

However, if you think about using anabolic steroids, is extremely important to learn as much as possible about them in order to enhance their effectiveness and decrease their side effects.

We would talk more specifically about Winstrol in this article and this is one of the most famous steroids that you can find, therefore is widely sought-after. This is why we highly recommend to inform yourself about Winstrol dosage, Winstrol side effects, how to properly use it etc. But another important thing to mention is Winstrol Half Life. You need to learn about it as much as possible because it also greatly depends on how effective the compound is going to be.


The half life of a product is the time required for half of the amount of that product to be flushed out of your system from the last administration. If a product has a half life of 5 hours and you use 10 mg of it, then after 5 hours in your body would be left 5 mg of it.

Now, Winstrol is a very effective anabolic steroid that is available both in form of injection as well as oral form as pills.

In fact, the active substance in the compound is Stanozolol whilst Winstrol is just the brand name.

Alpha Pharma offers Stanozolol as brand Rexobol in form of oral tablets and Regoxin in form of injection. The compound is the same as Winstrol, but offered for a cheaper price.

Rexobol-Stanozolol-WinstrolRexogin by Alpha Pharma

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Therefore, when thinking about Winstrol half life, we’re actually referring to Stanozolol half life.

As much as we know, Winstrol is extremely widely used and helpful in sports and bodybuilding with some really strong effects on the user’s body. Being so extremely helpful, the compound is widely used both by notice athletes and beginners as well as professional athletes who want to enhance their performance and receive a dry, muscular, defined, vascular and hard physical outlook.

But then again, you’ve got to learn how to properly use it.

  • As mentioned, there is oral Winstrol coming as pills (Rexobol by Alpha Pharma) having a half life of 9 hours, but there is also injectable Winstrol (Rexogin by Alpha Pharma) which is not as famous as oral pills but is having a longer half life of 24 hours.

With this being said, oral Winstrol pills – Rexobol obviously should be administered more often than injectable Winstrol – Rexogin in order to maintain stable blood levels and receive maximum results. For example, is recommended that injectable Winstrol – Regoxin to be used once a day, at the same time (one hour before working out), whilst oral Winstrol – Rexobol should be administered at least 2 times a day.

There are people using it 3 times per day.

Rexobol by Alpha Pharma

This means that you’ve got to split the total daily dosage in 2-3 even halves. For example, if you use it twice per day, preferably to use it every 12 hours and if you use 50 mg a day of Winstrol (Rexobol), use 25 mg in a dosage and 25 mg other dosage.

This way, following Winstrol half life guidelines (Stanozolol), you would make sure to receive maximum benefits as you do not have any fluctuations of the dosage by keeping them stable. Your body would get highest bioavailability making the compound maximum beneficial.


There are other factors to take in consideration when thinking about how to make a compound maximum beneficial such as learning what to use with Winstrol (Rexobol or Rexogin) about PCT, its dosage, administration guidelines and so on and so forth.

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Rexogin by Alpha PharmaRexobol-Stanozolol-Winstrol

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