Dianabol Only Cycle

Dianabol (Dbol) is an extremely helpful anabolic steroid for those who want to grow immense amounts of lean muscle mass and do it fast. This is an orally active compound that is administered by mouth very easy and that’s why there are a lot of people who want to use it alone, without anything else and usually, that’s called – Dianabol only cycle.

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Although AlphabolDianabol only cycle used to be super popular in the past, is rarely used nowadays. That’s because of one single thing: it suppresses testosterone. In the past, people weren’t aware that and that’s why Dianabolonly cycle was popular.

Nowadays, however, is known that Dianabol – Alphabol will shut down the natural ability of your body to produce testosterone and by fourth week of running Dianabol – Alphabol, you are going to have low testosterone levels and without testosterone in your system, that’s going to be impossible for you to keep the gains that you’ve made during the cycle, not to mention gaining new muscle mass and strength.

This is the reason why AlphabolDianabol is most often paired with a testosterone base steroid – is going to make sure you have high testosterone levels allowing you to grow further.


Other than that, after each Dianabol cycle is highly recommended to add a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan. That’s because when you come off both Dbol and Test, your body will still not produce enough T levels on its own. A PCT plan would make sure your T levels are high and you maintain the gains made during the cycle.

Yet, to use a testosterone base steroid you’ve got to inject yourself so you still must go through injections.

But there are many people who do not want to use injections and they still search for ways how to go through AlphabolDianabol only cycle.

Alphabol – Dianabol Only Cycle

Alphabol – Dianabol (Dbol) is coming as oral tablets and that’s convenient as you can simply swallow pills. But on the other hand, it passes through the liver and that’s damaging your liver. This is the reason why AlphabolDianabol cycle lengths are usually very short.


  • 8 weeks is absolutely maximum but that’s done only by professionals and only with a testosterone base steroid.
  • 6 weeks is what most people stop at
  • but during a Dianabol only cycle, we recommend to stop at 4 weeks.

That’s because using Dbol for 4 weeks – it won’t damage your liver too much and plus to that, using it alone for longer periods of time, you would end with no testosterone, but using it up to 4 weeks, you may still have some Test. Is considered that Dianabol – Alphabol would completely shut down your testosterone after 4 weeks and that’s the moment when your cycle will go downhill.

But, if you stop at 4 weeks and go through the PCT plan – that’s going to be good enough.

That’s why AlphabolDianabol only cycle is mostly recommended only to beginners. Using it alone you make sure that your body is getting accustomed to its effects and you can notice if the steroid doesn’t offer side effects, unlike using multiple steroids for the first time and having no idea from which one you have side effects, in case you do have any.

So, AlphabolDianabol only cycle is recommended to beginners and newbies and in cycle lengths no longer than 4 weeks. You are still highly recommended to run a liver protective compound, to have a PCT plan and to add anti estrogens as it would offer estrogenic based side effects.

In addition to that, since you run it alone – do not use high doses because higher doses suppress your testosterone even more.


When you use it alone, especially as a beginner, is highly recommended to start at lower doses of 15-20 mg a day.

We do not recommend going through a AlphabolDianabol only cycle with doses higher than 30 mg a day and cycle length longer than 4 weeks.


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