HGH – Became Super Famous Super Fast

HGH which stands for Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that only by reading its name is quite obvious that is a famous one in the bodybuilding scene – obviously a hormone that helps you to GROW, is very important for bodybuilders and anyone who looks to pack on size and mass.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), in fact, is a pretty new compound in the bodybuilding settings as it has appeared on the scene only in the last 30 years or so. That’s in the time that there are steroids that appeared 70 years ago. Despite the fact that is a fairly new drug, it became extremely popular.

It became super popular super fast and nowadays HGH has overshadowed almost any given steroid in popularity when talking about physique and performance enhancement. That’s because HGH is considered extremely helpful and in the same time, it remains pretty safe.

Alpha Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that is offering HGH (Human Growth Hormone) sold as ViteX of the best quality and some of the lowest price.


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According to people who already used HGH for physique and performance enhancement purposes, it can take your bodybuilding to a completely new level allowing even the huge guys, to get even bigger than they ever were before. This way, you don’t get jacked, you’re getting monstrously huge.

  • In fact, there are some critics saying that HGH has pretty much “sabotaged” the entire bodybuilding world, that’s because the nowadays IFBB pros are looking way too monstrous and they are way too huge – abnormally huge. That’s how big HGH can make you look.

But according to those critics, this HGH look is lacking the classic look of the classic bodybuilding back in the 70s in the gold days of old Arnie and Fraco.

Those guys offered the mind-blowing physical appearance of huge muscles and tiny waist and that’s something we do not see any more since HGH appeared on the scene, because it makes your waist grow huge too.

There are a lot of reviews about HGH in general, a lot of people reports and testimonials about this hormone. Lots of people all around the globe used the product and with a proper use, it does looks like Human Growth Hormone is amazing, nonetheless, it could be dangerous too.

In the end, in this HGH review, we would try to make you understand the most important effects of using HGH. There are pros and cons as you may get beneficial effects or negative ones, we would share them all.

The Pros of Using HGH

Is quite obvious that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is having quite a lot of beneficial effects (Pros), otherwise it wouldn’t have been such famous. In fact, HGH – Vitex is having an enormous amount of positive effects and benefits in the human body.

The administration of this hormone is very likely to offer extremely big benefits whereas lacking this hormone a person is going to notice a lot of negative effects. We won’t write down a full list of positive effects of HGH because the list is very long, instead, we would offer the most common and biggest benefits of using this hormone and would explain them.

  • Immense Muscle Growth
  • Helps To Burn Fat
  • Amazing For Skin
  • Is Increasing Penis Size (Seriously)

Immense Muscle Growth

The biggest reason why HGH is so popular in bodybuilding settings is because it can offer you grow immense amounts of muscles. However, is very important for you to know that HGH should be taken in combination with insulin if you want to receive this benefit.

  • First off that’s because using it without insulin that’s going to increase the side effects risks (especially of getting diabetes) and secondly because taking it alone without insulin you won’t get as big gains in size.

The amount of muscle mass you might gain on the hormone greatly depends on various factors such as your size, age, gender and especially dosage, diet etc. HGH is administered anywhere between 2 and about 8-10 IU per day.


Anything under 5 IU daily is good for fat loss and a bit of muscle gains, but higher doses are considered extremely helpful for those who want to enhance the gains are grow muscles immensely. We recommend you to start slowly, with a low dosage and then slowly increase if you need and if you feel that you can tolerate a higher dosage.

Abuse of HGH is what leads to side effects – avoid at all costs.

Be sure that HGH (ViteX) is going to offer huge increases in muscle mass, it would help you reach new limits – even more muscles that you are genetically capable to get. After all, this is a growth hormone and is quite obvious that you would be able to hugely grow on it.

But don’t forget about the insulin. The reason why is so important for bodybuilders is because HGH is causing insulin resistance. Basically, this means that when you are going to get your protein shake with dextrose, the body is not going to normally react to it (exactly as to many other things) and therefore, you won’t get the “anabolic environment” as it should.

  • In short, your protein synthesis is going to be negative affected and this is going to have a very negative impact on your muscle building process.

Nonetheless, in case you would be using insulin alongside with HGH, then you would manage to fight off with the “insulin resistance”, recovering back to normal the protein synthesis offering the anabolic environment and also reducing the chances of receiving diabetes.

Helps To Burn Fat

Human Growth Hormone don’t only help you to grow muscles, but it helps to burn fat too, simultaneously. It doesn’t work the typical way as stimulant drugs do and that’s why is not considered to be as powerful and helpful for aiding fat loss processes as Clenbuterol or Anavar (Oxandrolone). Yet, it was still found helpful for reducing body fat and especially the fat around the belly and waist.

Several weeks of administering HGH is required in order to notice that your body fat percentage starts decreasing – expecting that you would get super shredded super fast on HGH would disappoint you.

In fact, you won’t be losing fat in case you are bulking, pretty much as with any other fat loss compound like Clen or Anavar.

HGH is helping to burn body fat very differently from all other fat loss compounds with a different mechanism of action. It helps boost the fat burning process through lipolysis. That’s the process where the body is starting to burn the stored fat to consume it for energy.

That’s another great benefit of HGH – boosted energy levels. Almost everyone who uses Human Growth Hormone reports getting more energy levels. People notice they are having more energy, more stamina, endurance and their focus throughout the day is better with better sleeping patterns too while on HGH.

Amazing For Skin

If you’re going to administer HGH (Vitex) then you can be sure that your skin condition is going to get improved. Human Growth Hormone is amazing for your skin, it would have great outcome.

HGH doesn’t only make you feel younger, but it makes you look younger too, that’s why it was named the “fountain of youth”.

HGH is even given in medical settings to elder people and that’s because it reverses the ageing processes. Therefore, as said, you won’t only feel much better with more energy, but you would look much better too, as your skin is going to be in a great condition.

HGH is known to increase the collagen production and that’s super important for your skin, that’s why your skin quality is going to dramatically improve overall – less wrinkles, much more elasticity of your skin, skin strength etc.

  • Greatly helping your skin condition – HGH would make the user look much more younger with a good youthful appearance.

And is not only the fact that your skin is going to look much better and you would feel somehow better. You’re overall going to feel younger, so young that there are many people who reported they sex life has significantly improved in the time of administering HGH.


There are reports that support the idea that HGH is going to be amazing for enhancing a man’s libido too, therefore a man is capable to get much frequent and much more erections (firmer) throughout the day, with a boost in libido and sex drive. It seems HGH is working in a similar way as higher testosterone levels when talking about the improvement in sexual life.

After all, there are good reasons why HGH is called “the fountain of youth”. But since we started to talk about sexual life;

Is Increasing Penis Size (Seriously)

HGH is seriously going to increase the size of the penis too, and that’s not a joke. Yes, that’s how amazing Human Growth Hormone can be – it makes your sexual life all better, makes you feel younger and plus, seriously grows your penis.

No, it’s not going to make it grow immensely overnight, so don’t expect any miracles, but you would still see some results when talking about it. The penis grows from using HGH – Vitex because the hormone is stimulating new tissue growth, and that’s including the penile tissues too.

There is a bit of soft tissue in your penis either, and that’s what makes it grow.

The reason why it helps you get better erections too is that HGH is known for boosting the blood flow. But the blood flow is what makes your penis erect. The more the blood is entering into your penis, the bigger and firmer the erection is going to be.

  • Then again, do not expect anything huge, users report getting approximately quarter up to about half an inch added to the penis and that’s not huge, but that’s pretty noticeable.

There are also soft tissues in your fingers as well, in your nose as well as skull – they would get bigger too.

HGH Cons

Taken in consideration that you are administering synthetic HGH (which is exactly the same as naturally occurring one), your body is going to get an overflow of this hormone and while it may offer various positive effects, there are negative effects too – HGH cons.

Usually, the side effects of HGH means that you are either too sensitive to the compound, or most often, there’s too much HGH in your body, meaning that you use way too much. Reducing the dosage is going to reduce the side effects.

These are not all the negative side effects of HGH – ViteX, but we would share only some of the most worrisome and shed a bit of light on them:

  • Aching Joints
  • Water Retention
  • Enlarged Organs

Aching Joints

As much as it looks like, a good amount of people report receiving aching joints side effects from administering HGH, therefore it does looks like painful/ aching joints is a pretty common negative effect.

This is, as mentioned, a side effect indicating that your body cannot tolerate as much HGH, but when bodybuilders need that dosage for growing muscles and they don’t want to reduce it (also, if they don’t have any other side effects), they are adding Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) with HGH as that’s a steroid notorious for reducing the aching/ painful joints.

Therefore, a combination of Deca and HGH is very unlikely to offer this side effect.

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is the most famous and helpful steroid for such purposes. In fact, is used in medical settings (given as prescription drug by doctors) to patients who are suffering from joint issues to relieve their pains.

That’s one of the reason why a lot of bodybuilders use Deca – the steroid is pretty mild in terms of side effects, but is known to increase muscle and strength gains whilst increasing water retention around the joints – this is going to act as a cushion and relieve the aching/ pains because it decreases the wear and tear.

Water Retention

Despite the fact that HGH does help users to burn body fat, especially around the belly, is still a hormone that is going to cause water retention, pretty much as most bulking anabolic steroids.

In case you are searching for getting as ripped and shredded (dry look) as is possible, then HGH might not be the best compound that you can use for such goals. Is believed that some low dosages are going to be helpful for reducing body fat without increasing water retention, also along with a good cutting diet.

But taken in consideration that it does have this side effects, the fact that most people need HGH for bulking and they go through bulking cycles with it (bulking diets) and they need higher doses – HGH is mostly a bulking compound.

  • Although it does offer you water retention side effect, you definitely won’t retain as much fluid on HGH as for example you would on Anadrol (Oxymetholone).

Being worried about not getting too much water retention (excess of fluid) then you shouldn’t use too much dosage of HGH.

However, there are people reports suggesting that combining HGH with some steroids that are having diuretic properties which can make your water get flushed out (diuretic properties are those that help you flush out the water). Some examples of steroids that have such properties include:

  • Trenbolone – Parabolin by Alpha Pharma
  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) – Rexobol by Alpha Pharma
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone) – Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma

These are famous steroids for maintaining/ increasing muscle gains and accelerating fat loss processes including getting out the fluid retention from your body.

Enlarged Organs

Remember that Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that responds for the growth of your body, this includes your muscles, as said, your penis but all other organs too, it also includes the internal organs. That’s why, there’s a risk of enlarging your internal organs with HGH.

That’s one of the main reasons why is so important to stay away from overdoing it, unless you don’t care about how much your internal organs would grow.

Nonetheless, one of the main organs that most people seem to talk about when talking about the HGH is the intestine. The intestine seem to be the most sensitive to grow abnormally and the reason why it could grow too much on HGH is because the intestine is having a higher number of IGF-1 receptors than other organs.

Is a well known fact that when HGH and insulin are administered together, the IGF-1 receptors are being stimulated, and therefore they are promoting the growth of these cells. They are found in muscles, therefore your muscles grow, but they are also found in your intestine, so your intestine may grow too.


Good news is that in case you’re going to run HGH in low to moderate dosages, then is very unlikely you’re going to notice any growth in the gut region at all, normal dosages don’t really offer this side effect. A bit of growth is possible, but unnoticeable.

A high amount of HGH and also by taking the compound in very long cycles (which means several years or so) then you’re going to get the enlargement of your intestine which is called “the steroid gut” or also known as “HGH gut”. That’s when the person’s gut is abnormally big.

Once again, this compound can be administered being super effective for growing muscle mass without developing this side effect. That’s something to be worried only when you’re using way too high dosages and/ or for way too much time.

  • For example, there is the extremely famous bodybuilder Chul Soon that is thought to be administering HGH, nevertheless, he still manages to remain with an amazingly aesthetic physique without the “HGH gut”.

There also theories that there are many men’s physique competitors who are regularly using Human Growth Hormone too, nonetheless, as much as we can notice – they are still capable to maintain tiny waist, in the time they get amazing benefits.

That’s why we’re sure that the HGH dosage is essential for how your midsection is going to look.

Good examples of HGH gut are seen in Mr Olympia bodybuilders – those guys tend to become as big as possible (biggest guys on the planet) and they don’t really seem to care about the HGH gut. For example, you could check the physique of Phil Heath and Kai Greene.

Is likely you haven’t seen anyone bigger than them, but is very likely that they’ve been administering very high doses of HGH in combination with insulin – that’s how they became so huge, and that’s why they got the HGH Gut we’re talking about.

How Much Muscle Can You Build With HGH?

In order to build more muscles, you need higher dosages of HGH, but is not recommended to use high doses of HGH without insulin. There are still some people who gain a good amount of muscles without insulin, but they are on low dosages, and the gains are not comparable to those of high dosages with insulin.

As earlier mentioned – that’s going to offer the perfect anabolic environment allowing further growth.

But many people do not add insulin because of the aesthetic look. That’s why many people tend to take lower dosages. The combination of HGH with insulin is what would most likely give you the steroid gut.

Lately, it does seems like many bodybuilders want to avoid the protruding stomach side effect, that’s why they are avoiding the insulin with HGH – therefore they are not going to get the bloated look (at least lower chances).

Anyway, how much of gains you would make depends on various factors, as much as you can see. Dosage and adding or not insulin is just a few of them. Your workout routine, diet and other factors also come at play. That’s why we cannot offer an exact answer.

Nonetheless, there are people who reported using HGH for about amonth and they managed to gain about 8 lbs of lean muscles. A cycle length of 2 months is likely to offer you around 12 lbs of lean muscles. But then again, some might gain more, others less than these numbers.

  • Nonetheless, judging only by the amount of weight you put is a mistake.

Remember that with HGH, you are going to build lean muscle mass but in the same time you’re capable to burn body fat too. With this being said, at the end of a HGH cycle you may not notice too much differences in the amount of weight, but you would see a huge difference in the way your body looks. That’s because you have more muscles and less fat, despite having around same weight.

That’s no wonder HGH is so famous – there are extremely few compounds out there having the potency of building muscles in the time of making you lose fat.

How Much Fat Can You Burn With HGH?

I have already mentioned the fact that HGH (ViteX) is not as powerful when it comes to burning body fat as Clenbuterol or Anavar (Oxandrolone) or Winstrol (Stanozolol) are.

Clenbuterol is a drug that is specifically used by bodybuilders for cutting and getting shredded. So goes for the Anavar and Winstrol steroids that are extremely famous for aiding fat loss processes and flushing out water retention.

HGH is not too often used for such purposes, however, a lot of people still notice huge differences in the fat amount when using it.

  • HGH seem to work in a similar way as Testosterone does, in the terms that it would do an amazing job for protecting your hard earned muscles, while you would lose a good amount of body fat when you are doing a lot of cardio and resistance based exercises with low calorie diets.

Human Growth Hormone is not a cutting compound, but using it by itself, people seem to report about 2% of body fat loss in a 4 weeks period and approximately 4% of body fat in twice as big period of 8 weeks.

But exactly as with muscle growth – that’s hugely depending on various factors like for example dosage, your size, body fat % that you start with, tolerance, your diet and exercise routine including many others.

With all of this being said, we definitely cannot call HGH to be the best product in existence that can help you burn body fat as there definitely seem to be better cutting products; nonetheless, Human Growth Hormone is still going to help you melt off some fat and get you looking leaner.

NOTE! Growth Hormone (GH) is not going to be very helpful if you’re already fat. Is definitely not the perfect compound for making you ripped. Nonetheless, HGH is perfect for those who are already lean enough – you should get shredded!

HGH Results – HGH Before and After

In the picture below we can see Sylvester Stallone – one the biggest names when talking about HGH use. He is believed to have used HGH and there seem to be some proves as back in the days, he was busted bringing HGH with him in Australia. His body composition proves it too; as much as we can see in the pic below, that’s a good example of someone using HGH.


Although the difference in time is huge here, we can see that his waist as noticeably grown and despite the fact that Sly reached his plateau from gains a very long time ago, and although he’s much older in the after pic meaning he’s having much less testosterone than in the before picture – he still seem to be bigger.

We can notice that Sly ha used HGH properly – his gut isn’t anything disgusting as we can notice on many different steroids and although he’s having a good amount of muscles added, there’s nothing huge.

That’s why, we can say that a proper use of HGH would result in aesthetic look without huge results, but good enough and noticeable.

That’s because the person on HGH is capable to reduce body fat, to increase the overall muscle tone and to get your physique overall much shredded with more muscles gains that you may be capable to achieve naturally, because HGH is believed to help you grow muscles over your genetic limits.

HGH is amazing when checking various other before and after pictures of people who had responsible use of the hormone. That’s why HGH results are considered insane. As earlier said, is one of the very few products in existence that can make you grow muscles whilst burning body fat.

That’s why there is not a big difference in weight, but a huge difference in the way you look.

Chul Soon Pictures – HGH?

Chul Soon got nicknamed Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger and that’s no wonder taken in consideration how he’s looking nowadays. Regardless if he has used steroids or not (but is hard to say that he hasn’t), is hard to disagree that this guy had one of the best transformation ever.

Here’s how Chul Soon was looking when he started lifting weights:


We can notice that he’s already ripped, with very visible muscles and an overall aesthetic guy. Obviously looking at that photo, we definitely cannot call him a bodybuilder or especially Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He’s still a good looking guy with visible muscles and we definitely can say that he’s been pumping some iron for at least a while, definitely not a gym newbie. Nonetheless, prepare yourself to see what this already shredded guy transformed into:


Is hard to disagree that the difference is huge. In fact, you could check more photos of this guy and you would notice that is hard to say he is natural. There are a lot of rumors suggesting that Chul Soon might have used testosterone for achieving his transformation and there’s also a high chance that he’s used Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) for achieving such a body transformation.

Nonetheless, there are also theories, which we do agree with, he has used some HGH too. Although the dosage he may have used wasn’t as high, there are still signs of HGH use (except for the signs of Deca – 3D looking deltoids) – his nose has grown quite significantly in size, something that we already discussed earlier.

As said, there are quite a lot of soft tissues in your nose, head, muscles, penis etc. and HGH is causing those tissues to grow – that’s why these are most susceptible organs for growing when administering HGH.

But we can notice another amazing benefit of using HGH from checking Chul Soon’s photos – a very positive effect on the skin appearance and health. Check how beautiful and glowing skin this guy has – that’s something HGH is going to greatly help you with since is known for greatly stimulating collagen synthesis.

That may not sound like a really big benefit, but people with acne definitely know what I’m talking about. A bad skin never looks good, and that’s even if you’re having an amazingly ripped body. It would be much better to have a glowing beautiful skin on a slightly less juiced body, than being all muscular and defined but with a bad skin tone.

How to Maximize Muscle Growth

Vitex HGH is an amazing compound that can greatly boost your muscle growth process, however, as said, there are various factors that come at play when talking about how much muscles you would be able to gain.

HGH is considered one of the most effective compounds for bulking, but there are various ways how you could increase the amount of muscles that you are capable to grow on it. For example, in case your main goal is to get as huge as possible for packing on impressive amounts of size, then HGH is going to offer even better results when is going to be stacked with bulking steroids.

There are many of them that are considered hugely beneficial for bulking cycles, regardless if you are searching for injectable or oral steroids. You could go for:

  • Dianabol (Methandienone) – Alphabol by Alpha Pharma
  • Anadrol (Oxymetholone) – Oxydrolone by Alpha Pharma
  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) – Nandrobolin by Alpha Pharma
  • Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) – Boldebolin by Alpha Pharma
  • Trenbolone – TrenaRapid by Alpha Pharma
  • Testosterone – Testocyp by Alpha Pharma

By combining any those steroids together with HGH then you will be able to get crazy results in terms of muscle growth. That’s what most professionals choose to do. In fact, there are those that stack 2 or more steroids (from the list above) together with HGH for even more gains.

How much it could help? Check Chul Soon.

As said, he’s likely to have used HGH alongside with Deca and with Testosterone. Just look how ripped this guy ended up.

How to Maximize Fat Burn

In case you’re using HGH and having the main goal to burn body fat whilst getting as lean as possible with an shredded physical appearance then you should know that you are going to get better results by combining HGH alongside with other cutting steroids or products. As said, HGH is not the best for such purposes, but is still helpful.

Dosage and your diet are also going to play a role. Usually, dosages for getting shredded and losing fat are much lower compared to those required to pack on a good amount of size. In the end, HGH alongside with other cutting compounds would offer crazy results, here are some of them:

  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) – Rexobol by Alpha Pharma
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone) – Oxanobol by Alpha Pharma
  • Clenbuterol – Astralean by Alpha Pharma
  • Trenbolone – TrenaRapid by Alpha Pharma

These compounds are the most famous and widely used in cutting cycles, that’s why they are often seen as the best products that you can find for getting an amazingly shredded physique.

In addition to that, Winstrol as well as Trenbolone (and only slightly Anavar) has muscle building properties. Exactly as HGH has. Therefore, while such a stack is going to be super effective at burning body fat, is also going to be amazing for adding some lean muscle mass too. Therefore, you would get amazing physical appearance with less fat covering your muscles, and more muscles, which are going to be more defined.

HGH Review Conclusion

HGH is one of the most popular compounds on the bodybuilding stage nowadays despite the fact that is one of the newest discovered. The compound has growth really fast in popularity because is a compound that can make your muscles grow immensely.

Mass monsters (IFBB Pros) often resort to HGH as is an extremely important steroid for their needs when talking about getting physical appearance (growing huge amounts of muscles) to the next level.

HGH is believed to have greatly grown in popularity after Dorian Yates has taken the muscle mass game to a whole new level when talking about the bodybuilding back in 1980s.

HGH is very universal as it can be used in bulking and cutting cycles and it can be stacked (taken in combination) with many different steroids and compounds either for bulking and for cutting. That’s because Human Growth Hormone can greatly help you burn body fat and in the same time – to help you gain muscle mass.

vitexBuy Human Growth Hormone here.

However, is very important to mention that HGH ViteX, although not having too dangerous or too much side effects and they are very closely related to the dosage, this is one of the worst steroid to abuse if you want to look aesthetic. HGH gut is one of the worst side effect, and although not dangerous (generally) is not looking good (making you look pregnant).

In the end, HGH can have a really good impact on your body appearance, it can allow you to grow muscles in the time you lose body fat and you can do it without growing your belly in case you would use it responsibly.

However, is very important for you to know: you should find a real and high quality HGH. Unfortunately, there seem to float a lot of fakes/ low quality HGH products that won’t work as expected, even when used properly.

Other than that, HGH might be one expensive product and that’s one of the problems with Human Growth Hormone.

  • Luckily, you are capable to find authentic and real HGH for sale of the highest quality at AlphaPharma.to.

By using alphapharma.to to get ViteX, you are capable to get the best results from HGH as you get the amazing compound for bodybuilding purposes for the lowest prices. We hope that this HGH review was informative and helps you decide whether or not you need HGH and what you can expect from it.

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