Primobolan Results

Before we’re going to talk about Primobolan results, we’ve got to learn and understand what this steroid exactly is.

Primobolan that is containing the chemical substance called Methenolone is a very popular androgenic and anabolic steroid that is used with a high success rate both in bodybuilding world as well as in medical settings for treating various health conditions.

Primobolan is the most famous brand name and it could be found as many other names. Methenolone is the active substance and this steroid comes in 2 forms of administration: it can be used orally or can be injected into the body.

  • When talking about oral Primobolan we are referring to Methenolone Acetate.
  • The injectable Primo (as many people shortly call it) is referred to Methenolone Enanthate.

Alpha Pharma is offering Primobolan as brand Alphabolin when comes as injection and Primo Tabs when comes as oral tablets. Therefore, Alpha Pharma offers Methenolone Acetate as Primo Tabs and Methenolone Enanthate as Alphabolin.

Alphabolin by Alpha PharmaPrimo Tabs by Alpha Pharma

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It doesn’t matter the brand name – all that matters is the active substance and its quality. Alpha Pharma is a reputable company known to offer best quality products for cheapest prices.

This steroid – Methenolone, does offer some anabolic effects, nonetheless they are much milder compared to most other steroids out there.

In addition to that, the compound cannot convert into estrogen and it has abilities to burn body fat. All in all, Primobolan – Alphabolin or Primo Tabs is considered a cutting steroid for those who want to lose fat and flush out water from body whilst maintaining lean muscle mass.

Primobolan – Alphabolin or Primo Tabs is milder than other steroids, therefore is less likely to offer side effects, plus you won’t get bloating or water retention with it. Primo is having pretty low androgenic / anabolic ratings so is considered pretty mild, especially when compared to other powerful steroids like Trenbolone(Trenbolin) or Dianabol(Alphabol).

Primobolan Results and Benefits

People who are thinking about using Primobolan – Alphabolin should firstly check what are the results and benefits, in order to determine if the compound’s results is fits up with your needs.

For example, is not a good idea to use Primo in bulking cycles because you would be disappointed.

But in a cutting cycle, Primo is amazing.


Here’s what you may get:

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

Indeed, Primo is mostly a cutting steroid and is pretty mild, but thinking it won’t grow any muscle mass is a mistake.

Primobolan is going to help you grow muscle mass by enhancing nitrogen retention in the muscles. Bodybuilders know that this is essential for offering the perfect anabolic environment in the body for muscle tissues to grow.

As a result, the individual would start growing muscle mass. Do not expect anything similar to a AlphabolDianabol cycle when you can gain 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in a few weeks. Nonetheless, the gains would be all clean.

Maintains Muscle Mass

If you’re not going to gain muscles, you can be sure that Primobolan – Alphabolin is not going to allow you to lose muscles during the low calorie diets. That’s one of the best things that most bodybuilders appreciate.

Is a well known fact that during caloric deficit required to lose body fat and get muscle definition, you are having high chances to lose muscles.

Nonetheless, when Primobolan is added to your cycle, you can be sure that you’re not going to experience any muscle loss anymore.

Helps Burning Fat

That’s the main reason why Primobolan is such a famous compound: is hard to find a cutting compound that is going to help you maintain muscle mass and burn body fat the way Primo would.

This anabolic steroid is turning your metabolism into a fat burning weapon and that’s in the time that you maintain muscles.

Your cardio exercises results would be highly boosted as you would see the results way faster and way more efficiently.


Immunity Boost

Primobolan – Alphabolin or Primo Tabs is a mild steroid in terms of negative side effects and what most people cannot understand is that steroids do not only offer side effects alone. In fact, Primobolan is having the amazing ability of boosting your immunity.

With a boosted immunity, you are less likely to get a disease or illness. You are going to be healthier and that’s obviously resulting in better physical appearance and boosted performance as well.


Is important to know that Primobolan results are amazing only as long as the compound is used properly. That’s why is so important for you to learn about Primo dosage administration as much as possible before using it.

Without a proper use, you’re having high chances to receive Primobolan side effects, which, although not as bad as with other steroids they are still unpleasant and can be dangerous.

Alphabolin by Alpha PharmaPrimo Tabs by Alpha Pharma

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Other than that, in order to receive best Primobolan results, you’ve got to get your hands on the best Primobolan quality steroid. That’s what we can help you with: buy Primobolan from and we ensure best quality product for cheapest possible price.

Alphabolin as injection Methenolone and Primo Tabs as oral Methenolone by Alpha Pharma would offer mind blowing results for low prices! We’re also going to help you with any other needs such as advices or some questions by asking our customer support team.

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