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Dbol is the short name for the famous brand Dianabol with the active substance Methandienone or Methandrostenolone. That’s how most bodybuilders used to call Dianabol shortly. In addition to that, anabolic steroids are very often categorized in oral anabolic steroids (those that comes in form of pills/ tablets) and injectable anabolic steroids (obviously, those that should be injected into muscles, veins subcutaneously etc.).

Oral Dbol is very famous steroid and part of the reason why is so famous is thanks to the fact that it comes as oral steroid. Dbol pills are so popular by so many people because is effective, but many people search for effective compounds that are coming in form of oral pills because, often, injections are seen weird and awkwardly by many people. Others may be even afraid of them or simply do not like the idea of pinning themselves.

Dianabol is sold as Alphabol by Alpha Pharma, containing same high quality Methandienone but offered for a cheaper price. So, Alphabol is Dbol oral.

Alphabol CR by Alpha Pharma

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Dianabol does come in form of injection too. Mostly, injectable Dbol is used in veterinary settings, but is also sometimes used by humans, by bodybuilders for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

  • The reason why some people still use injectable Dianabol although there is Dbol oral – Alphabol (why would someone want to inject themselves as long as you can simply swallow it, right?) is because there is a theory among bodybuilders suggesting that Dianabol injection is less hepatoxic (not offering such a big liver strain) and is more powerful. Same dosage of oral Dianabol – Alphabol is going to be less effective and powerful than same dosage of injectable Dianabol, according to those people.

Nonetheless, there is not enough evidence proving this idea and those people who already used Dbol oral – Alphabol would agree that pills are still extremely powerful and helpful for physique and performance enhancement.


As in terms of liver hepatotoxicity – injections are still toxic. That’s why with both administration forms of Dbol you would be required to use some liver protective compounds, you are highly recommended to avoid absolutely anything else during the cycle that can damage your liver (such as Over the Counter (OTC) medications, alcohol or anything else), you still should not use the product in high doses or for long periods of time (maximum 8 weeks) and you are not recommended to use any form of Dbol if you have liver issues.

In short, there are just anecdotal experiences suggesting that injectable Dbol is better than Dbol oral coming as pills, being stronger and less hepatotoxic. That’s the reason why oral Dianabol – Alphabol is way more popular and widely used than injectable.

Dbol Oral Dosage

Also, regardless of the form of administration, the Dbol dosage is the same – 30 mg a day for beginners, 50 mg a day for intermediate users (sweetest spot), 80 mg a day (rarely used) by professionals who are really big and have enough experience.

Alphabol by Alpha Pharma Both forms of Dianabol have a short half life of 3-6 hours and that’s why, regardless what’s your daily dose – you’ve got to use it multiple times a day in order to maintain stable blood levels and make it remain effective.

Another reason why Dbol oral coming as pills is so popular – you swallow tablets multiple times a day, instead of injecting yourself multiple times a day, for 4-8 weeks.

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In the end, the final Dbol results are the same with the exact same mechanism of action and same side effects.


  • Estrogen related side effects all along with androgenic ones, testosterone suppression for men and virilization among women with negative effects for cholesterol, cardiovascular system and hepatotoxicity are all there and they all should be controlled.

In the end, regardless which form of administration of Dianabol (Alphabol) you choose – it remains an extremely helpful bulking steroid.

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As in terms of the price, compare the prices for a brand of Dianabol with the prices for the same active substance Alphabol on other sources. You won’t only get the best quality compound – but you would save money as well.

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